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  1. Yo suop, Ben out driving my lawn mower making sweet cake for me and Shelah. I wanto treat her for birthday and we'd both get a kick out of seeing these awsome bandonce more. Last time I seen dem was a couple of yers ago and it balls off awsome. Made me wanna fap. Annie news will be grately apreciated. OK pardners I'm going to hide out in my garage and sneak in a quick six pack away from Shelah. Its ben acoostic!!!! Bammm! Senor Kemp Big question is do I go wit da Coors or Bud?
  2. I've gots fond memories of my wife Shela doing dirty things to me while listnin to Aeromsith. When I cot her with my best friend Rufus I told her my fist your face. Shame on you. Ooh wee. But since than we ben alright. I wish I could say the same about them Aerosmith boys. Time to mow the lawn again. I'm Outski, Ryan Kemp
  3. I like to hum that Casino Queen song on my huge lawnmower that I sit on to mow my lawn in the hot heat. While my wife-kins is cooking my supper in the hot house that my hard earned American cash helped build and sustain. I'm Outski, Ryan Kemp
  4. Kids, Totally dug that song last night! Can't beleive some people don't like it. Fuck that noise. They could have 15 musicians and still rock off Conan's funny red hair. And those suits. haha har. Schweet. I need some of those to go out and play bowling with my good friends. I'm Outski, Ryan Kemp
  5. Yeah...I kinda like the band the way they are. I don't get where all the hate comes from. That dude was right about people feeling entitled to shit and such. But yeah...if you don't like the band than I don't know man...not much I can do. People critic everything nowadays like they do, but I'm sure if they put out stuff out there they'd hate it for it to get shit on. What I don't get is how you can come off sounding like you want the band to play a certain way that pleases you. I pay my hard earned money to see this band and I like what I get. Done is done. Band is amazing as is..no need to si
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