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  1. Great record - the Studio Q performance of Archie is interesting because it sounds much different than the record. Personally, I think the record's production was too heavy - whoever did it was trying too hard to make them sound like Best Coast (east coast / west coast indie girl pop war?). I like the live performance better. And I am a sucker for catchy four chord pop songs (where have you gone Evan Dando?). Maybe it's because I am a crap guitarist. Archie is incessantly fun to play. Maybe one day I'll try to learn the lead.
  2. I just posted something similar in the now listening thread. Though I do like Spoon's record, and that Alvvays album is especially fun since almost all of the songs are four chord simplicity (just pick up a guitar and play along - you'll have it by the 2nd verse), IMO the best indie-pop album of the year is Stars - No One is Lost. Just a great record that isn't getting enough love yet.
  3. I have been absolutely wearing this record out. With all due respect to other bands that have put out pop records this year, this one has quickly become my favorite. It's fantastic. Easily their best record to date, and a contender for album of the year IMHO.
  4. Saw that a couple of you were listeining to the new Jenny Lewis record... Thoughts? Should I get it? If its as good as that outfit...
  5. Trying to get caught up on 2014 releases. Here are 4 I picked up this week. Spent the last 48 hours with them. Time for initial impressions: Blah. It's not awful, but it's way too compressed and the songwriting comes off as uninsipired - especially Craig's lyrics. They're like mad libs of older songs. On the other extreme - the new guitarist has brought a very generic rock quality to their sound. Maybe I shouldnt have listened to some of their old records before I heard it. They don't want to sound like that anymore, but I kinda want them to, with Craig's lyrics still sounding as fresh
  6. Love both of these. I haven't listened to that Material Issue record in ages. Pretty sure I saw them @ Grant Park in '91 at the last ever (until this year) Ramones show. They were really good. I'm listening to: Seeing them this week. This record came out last fall but I just finally picked it up. It's not bad. Bit of a grower. Good laid back make you smile record.
  7. Sorry to necro a thread. Even more ridiculous how long it took me to find it. But, I just wanted to say I repent! I repent. And it feels good. What I said about Matt Berninger and the National was probably one of the douchiest things I have ever said on here. Happy to say that I've come 180 on them. I think it's because I finally sat down and really listened to High Violet and Trouble Will Find Me. But what put me over the top was this show from just a couple of months ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3q57hKoOR4 Absolutely fantastic set list. I have been humming England al
  8. I first heard Alynda Lee Segarra (aka Hurray For the Riff Raff) a couple of months ago - the first song I heard was this one: Born To WIn (Part One). Immediately hooked. Love her voice and that sound. This is the new one. If you like blues-y southern folk/rock, and smoky vocals, you'll dig this. Later on, I got in a mood - these guys have a new one coming out, so I figured I'd fire up the back catalog: , (you get the idea)
  9. RIP Pete. A truly inspirational force in music and life.
  10. bah couldnt find a smaller pic of it.
  11. This one has gripped me this dreary, cold, rainy morning... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3PHDLMAacY Phosphorecent - The Quotidian Beasts Another killer track from this record.
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