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  1. I'm in! This will be my first SBS and I could not be more excited. I didn't buy insurance because I'll be there if they are able to hold the event. I hope the world holds together for at least a few more months. 😀
  2. I have been digging around and have found that the Holiday Inn and Porches are fully booked for the weekend of 6/22/12 -- 6/24/12. This could be people just booking preemptively in hopes that it will be at about the same time as last year, or maybe they have some inside information. Edit-- I have looked into it further and it seems that those 2 hotels are just booked solid all summer, so nothing to see here.
  3. Anyone know what the dates for next years Solid Sound will be?
  4. Just noticed on the Solid Sound site that Lagunitas Brewing is listed as a partner for the event. Here's hoping for Hop Stoopid on draft!
  5. I feel bad for complaining since I heard that Kidsmoke is driving from CA!
  6. I'm so very stoked about the festival! The only bad part is the LONG drive from Indiana!
  7. I was able to reserve the last weekend in June at the Holiday Inn (6/23-6/26)
  8. I was hoping for some micro brew love at such a cool event. Magic Hat sounds good!
  9. Yeah that's kinda what I figured. I just hate the idea of staking out a good spot near the front and then feeling like a hostage if I want another beer or to go to the bathroom.
  10. The Palladium Ballroom in Dallas has a VIP seating option. It's a roped off area behind the sound board with tables chairs and drink servers. Anyone have any experience with the venue? Would this be a good way to see the show?
  11. Also was this ever recorded in studio for a tribute or anything?
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