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  1. We totally must have been standing close to each other... cause there we a couple of time I was like...."WHOA!!!" I think that they got really bad during "Red Eyed" haha
  2. Great show... awesome!! It is just amazing that they played for just over 3 hrs.... over 30 songs.... I can't believe that they have been doing shows like this all tour... It was more than worth the price of ticket... I would have paid a lot more for that ticket... I mean all Wilco was awesome!! I can't wait until the show is posted online!!! I want to hear it again!!!
  3. Ok... So I wanted to start a post where we talk about references made to specific locations in Wilco songs.... and if you have ever been to that place... I.E. Via Chicago... Chicago... I went there once when I was in High school.. get the idea!
  4. That video was so confusing... I am at a loss for words... what the???
  5. In Lowell I had the time at 8:56pm when the scoreboard went off and the Price Is Right theme played
  6. Hate it Here - (because sometime that is how I feel) Late Great - (i likey the songy)
  7. what... no on said.."K-Settes starring Butcher's Blind" Or "Romeo" We'd be here all day with Woody Guthrie songs... Ingred Burgman, Walk Whitman...there are a lot.
  8. Yea... you are totally right... I love Wide Awake... and still listen to it... But have now seen him live twice... once as "Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes" and Once (this past saturday in Lowell) as "Conor Oberst and the Mystic Vally Band".... both time I was not impressed... So I think that he is just not that good live... even though I love this performance that he did with M. Ward of O'Brien on ACL.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIXIt9LuRLs
  9. Here is the youtube from last night... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4NPMjmZ-5A "clearly they are waiting for a party to start. Everything ready, they got the chairs, the cake, they got the camel"
  10. I agree... two totally different bands that where/are doing two totally different genre's of Rock 'n' Roll (if you will). I think that REM also continually sought out commercial success (top 40 airplay)... more than Wilco ever has (not to say that they won't in the future). I think that you saw REM make a concerted effort in the late 80's to try and make a top 40 hit song.... Both with most of the music on the "green album" and then obviously succeeding with Losing my Religion. So I think it is a hard comparison at this point, because Wilco has yet to give up their scruples for a hit recor
  11. Gweedoe

    7/11 Lowell

    Wow...as a newbie here.. I can feel the love!!... I mean it is just pouring out of these posts... Man... at the next Boston area concert we should have a meet up and a big group hug... or maybe a therapy session... HOW ABOUT THAT WILCO? ;~)
  12. Gweedoe

    7/11 Lowell

    The Stage was getting Soaked.... The canopy was over the stage.. but that was more protection for the lighting gear than anything else... So all of the amps... and gear on stage was getting pretty wet! ON a new.... Non-Conor Oberst part of this tread... did anyone get a good recording of what Wilco did play... I know I saw some people with booms and mics... anything good??? any torrents up yet??
  13. Gweedoe

    7/11 Lowell

    We were lucky... We got to Lowell at like 2 in the afternoon and parked in the bottom of the garage... and got out really fast... The State Police were just pulling into and setting up the Sobriety check points as we were pulling onto 495... we got out of Lowell in 15 minutes.. from getting in the car from the garage... I think that we were one of the lucky ones!!
  14. Gweedoe

    7/11 Lowell

    Ahh man... I was really looking forward to hearing both Late Greats and Hate it Here... my 2 favorite Wilco tunes!! Ohh well I hope that they come back soon!!
  15. Gweedoe

    7/11 Lowell

    yea... I am totally bummed that it rained... How many songs were cut??? It was my first Wilco show... and I was so sad But I still hope to see the recording of the show posted in the tape section soon!! On another note... I am the only person who thought that Conor Oberst's set was a little painful?
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