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  1. That would be awesome if you did that! also, who was it that captured the webcast last night?
  2. If anyone recorded the webcast, that is awesome.. In the meantime, did anyone capture the Amsterdam show in the Roadcase now?
  3. That would be amazing, props to whoever does this!
  4. I love these shows too..killer live versions of the new songs
  5. That live version from the Ashes DVD is incredible
  6. Definitely... for me, it's the beginning of the song that gets me with the pounding drums
  7. I know it appears on the engineer demos and the other demos, but where can I get the actual recorded version of the song?
  8. This show is awesome! Best live version of BBN I have heard, and just an all around good show
  9. the part starting at about 7:45 and ending at 8:02 needs to be in a kickass song
  10. Have you downloaded the Ashes tracks? Also, the webstream sources of the three St. Louis shows (5/15/08, 5/16/08, and 5/17/08) are essential to me..excellent sound and great setlists
  11. Haha that would be cool indeed. What is your imput on KT vs Ashes? I would love to see an official release of something from Wilco (the tour) ... I want some crisp live versions of the new tracks!
  12. Definitely.. I am pretty sure that I am a bigger fan of Ashes live, but like all of the YHF tracks, the studio versions and live versions are amazing in their own ways, depending on your mood... the Ashes on the studio just has this level of desolation that isn't conveyed live
  13. This is how I see it... I agree that it is not their best work, but every band has that one magnum opus that will not be topped by subsequent records... Yes it is true that W(TA) is not a step in a new direction but rather a record of settling into comfortability in a "greatest hits" kind of sense. However, I feel like there are some fantastic things on the album that must be appreciated for what they are. For example, if nothing else, the 3 song run of Deeper Down, One Wing, and Bull Black Nova makes the album for me. Bull Black Nova is a monster of a song that brilliantly captures hysterical
  14. Anyone else excited for this one? I listened to the thirty second samples on itunes and it sounds like a very cool record
  15. Yeah I mean its not a step forward like the others, but I really can't complain because there are some very enjoyable songs out there that would classify as the very best work of lesser bands
  16. I like the album...i agree in saying time is needed
  17. Just wanted to share my excitement. They are on the archive.. any of you guys have them?
  18. Can't say I agree.. I love the new lineup and I do like listening to a show, but also I don't mind listening to a collection of outstanding versions of songs being brought to life by a new lineup and fresh ideas... On KT, Wilco is taking recent songs from AGIB and older songs and giving them new life.. it is very meaningful and the songs are fresh and raw.. Since then the band has become comfortable
  19. I can't decide, Ashes or KT... KT still is great, and I also listen to a lot of soundboard shows
  20. I have recently just been listening to the Ashes tracks and various live shows, but I put in KT and remembered that some of the best live versions are all there...
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