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  1. i remember the lyric in baltimore going quick ... but that was light speed. well looks like i will be paying 75 a ticket off of craigslist ... wha wha wha
  2. can get any seats after trying like 10 times ...
  3. do it! right now im trying to decide if i stretch my 2 shows into 3!!! its always better to see wilco than not see them
  4. owl & bear rule the freakin' school!
  5. orignally from baltimore and just so happened to be home for the holidays!!!
  6. 'a gift given accidently' thank you all. 3rd show and the best one ive seen (beats out sydney 2007)! the band was having a blast the audience was pumped for a sunday and the transitions, segues, and tapered jams all sounded really good in that room. bring on 2009 and a new album ... i cant wait
  7. for $27 ?!?! i dont see this happening ... if it does i will come back to the country earlier than expected and use the extras i am trying to get rid of
  8. here are the details of the tickets ... they arent the greatest. accepting face or nearest offer since i cant make it to the show. Seat location: section BALC C, row U, seats 109-112
  9. hey i got 4 tickets to the rochester, ny show. i bought them and then got tickets to baltimore (which is much closer for me). now i have 4 balcony seats in rochester that i am not going to use. if you need 1,2,3, or 4 tickets let me know spclare AT gamil.com
  10. i finally got 4 for baltimore after getting shut out originally ... also got 4 extra for rochester if any one is interested
  11. baltmore spld out on ticket master in less than 5 minutes ... what is going on??!?!?!
  12. yeah i hope you're right. im in australia and will be home for the show. stayed up till 1am here (10 est back home) and got shot out within the 1st minute. that was a waste of some good sleep
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