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  1. i don't really want to listen to this album for the first time on my computer, and i'm too lazy to hook my computer up to my stereo, which really wouldn't be that hard. but anyway, i'm dying to hear it. i've already pre-ordered the deluxe vinyl, so i'm not one to steal from such a lovely lady....but if anyone happened to rip and track the stream, and would like to do me a solid...please drop it in my inbox. the anticipation is killing me.
  2. skeletal lamping (album after hissing fauna) is one of my all time favorites from any band. it definitely takes a while to digest though. i thought it was garbage the first time i heard it too. in fact, i almost threw the disc out the window on my way home from the record store, but luckily i don't litter, so i got to revisit it. it was well worth the time. not sure if you can outgrow of montreal. maybe become disinterested...but it's certainly not kids music. though it can be. check out the new album though. you might like it. they've definitely toned down the weird on this one. but it's s
  3. their set is made up of stuff from the sunlandic twins (2005) up until paralytic stalks (2012). the beginning of the tour was heavier on the new album, but lately it's been more of a mix. lammycat - kevin barnes was really into his 'georgie fruit' character for the last few tours. not sure if that's when you saw them, but by the time they were doing the false priest tour, they seemed to be turning a lot of people off, including casual fans.....the side-show started to detract from the music (in the opinion of many)...for this tour however, it seems to be more about the music, and less about
  4. enjoy the show. they are in top form. i saw them a couple nights ago and it was up there with the best shows i've ever seen. i've been to a lot. easily the best of the 3 of montreal shows i've attended. non-stop energy, and a great light show. i don't know how anyone who likes rock music could not enjoy this tour. also, make sure you get there to see kishi bashi. his set was definitely worth showing up early for.
  5. yeah, that went unbelievably quick. i hesitated for a half second and couldn't get 2 of anything, let alone the pit. someone gave directions in the 'just a fan' section on how to get them on the avett brothers presale in 2 hours. i'd recommend trying that out.
  6. i don't like the new album much, but i don't really think this song sounds like top 40 pop at all. and by sticking to your broken bells records i'm assuming you meant record. the real treasure is in the first two albums by the shins. particularly the second one. to my ears anyway.
  7. Of Montreal? Paralytic Stalks? anyone? a great album that seems to be flying under the radar.
  8. so awesome. can't wait. great lineup. fortunately i already bought my ticket due to my 'my morning jacket' fandom. this is some triple layered chocolate icing on the top. seeing neko next to them on the bill/ who is also one of my all time favorites=the reddest juiciest plump seedless cherry i've ever had. the rest of the lineup is almost equally as pleasant. i really can't wait for this. louisville is such a charming city as well. at the cost...you really can't beat forecastle 2012.
  9. of montreal on april 2nd is all i got for now and i'm extremely excited for that one. their new album is pretty amazing. i will also be attending the forecastle festival in july and i am eagerly awaiting the lineup next week. i have a strong feeling wilco is going to be on the bill. we'll see.
  10. first of all i don't think anyone has declared it their best album....and why do people have to rain on the parade? will the excitement wear off? probably. but why be a downer about it. second of all, if no one is allowed to declare it their best album, then why do you get to declare it as bottom of the pile?
  11. or maybe you should just listen a bit more so you won't forget them? haha.
  12. wonderful review, and it sums up my feelings perfectly. has wilco just recorded their best album? maybe.
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