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  1. Fun - energetic shows. First time seeing Sleater-Kinney, they were impressive, especially Carrie strutting around like a boss on guitar and singing. Haven't seen Wilco since the Schmilco tour. Was pleasantly surprised. I thought the late 2019 shows (the Brooklyn livestream specifically) seemed like a depressing slog, way to heavy on the "Ode" bummer tunes (IMO, pleas don't kill me). Thought they really brought it tonight, everyone seemed to be having a really good time on stage. As you can see from the setlist, they brought the rock. "Before" was much better live than I exp
  2. Really appreciate it, thanks.
  3. gepman

    2020 Touring

    That's fucked up. Its not like they have to assign you a spot to park your blanket... My 2 tickets for Merriweather were $75 each. With fees, was $178. That's reasonable IMO.
  4. gepman

    2020 Touring

    Merriweather on a Friday Night!
  5. Saw the Replacements in Baltimore at Shriver Hall (Johns Hopkins University), circa 1991 I think... Some band called Uncle Tupelo opened. Were supporting their 2nd album at the time. A buddy commented "give them another guitarist and they're a hard rock band, give them a fiddle, they're a country band." I liked what I heard, and the rest is history...
  6. OK, thanks. SInce I always linked to the archive through the site, I thought maybe you had something to do with the site...
  7. Appreciate all the effort that goes into keeping this going. Just curious, what happened to the Owl and Bear Blog? Hasn't been updated for a few years. I'm afraid the website will go away, and along with it, the archive.
  8. Vinyl / CD and Download email came yesterday.
  9. I'm A Wheel Shake It Off (a close second)...
  10. Agreed with all of the above sentiment. Show smoke from IATTBYH onward. Most ferocious Wilco show I've seen in years. A little surprised they only played one song off of Star Wars, but I can't complain about what they played instead. I was near the front of the seated area. I don't understand so many late arrivers getting to their seats 4-5 songs into the set... Ended up standing for about half the show as well. I usually prefer to stand, but don't really do so until the folks in front of me do so... All in all, wonderful night, great weather. Also, great show poster... Big thanks to Ale
  11. Their soundman for the last 10+ years just left this past Summer. New guy at the controls for maybe 4 months now. Been to a lot of DBT shows, sound is generally good (to my ears)... I believe Stan has an advantage in that Wilco doesn't play that loud. DBT on the other hand, play pretty loud...
  12. Agreed. I wasn't there, only have the recording to go by... I sensed mostly "polite golf clapping" after a lot of the songs... Not sure how many Wilco /Tweedy fans were there versus regulars in the area that just attend all of the shows for something to do...
  13. Thanks, appreciate the info. I must be remembering back to the days when they sold tickets through MusicToday (or somewhere else)...
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