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  1. Thanks for the tab, nice work!
  2. Thanks for the replies. My best guess was it was due to a website issue. I will now comply and get all three roadshows from this year's Solid Sound.
  3. Does anybody know why all of the Wilco roadcase shows are out of stock on the Wilco site? I was going to purchase the solid sound package but all the show are listed as out of stock. After posting this I noticed that I could order a Solid Sound Pack that includes Friday and Saturday wilco show as well as Sunday with Tweedy and friends with a poster for 30$. Although it includes the "map of the united states solid sound poster" which is my favorite 2017 SS poster, the purchase requires a minimum 11$ shipping charge. I would much rather purchase the Friday/Saturday night SS roadcase for 15$.
  4. Awesome, Thank You for posting
  5. I was extremely impressed by the cover of "Tomorrow Never Knows" was an excellent way to end the set. Third time I have seen Wilco and despite it being a short set it was my favorite of the 3 shows.
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