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  1. so i guess thats noon central time?
  2. will def. check this out, been flippin Nick the Knife back over on the record player for what seems like weeks now, highly addictive catchy tunes on that one
  3. Haven't posted here in sometime, feels good to return, have a new ep/mini lp recording, please check out and share if you desire http://northlawrencemidnightsingers.bandcamp.com/
  4. Our featured band is SCRAPPLE CREEK RUNNERS from delaware, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8Kw5gdgvbc&feature=related who blend in there own original old time tunes with some of the finest traditional ones! Also, North Lawrence Midnight Singers and more! Show Begins at 4pm! No cover, affordable beers, and good grub!
  5. The second show of this series at MURPHS (202 e. Girard ave.) is this Sunday 3/7 and its evolving quick, this week we are joined by radio dj David April to take charge of the tunes to get the show started and between acts, David specializes in the roots of rhythm and blues, gospel, and then some! Expect performances by Eric Hammer, NLMS, T.J. LEIS, and featured performers THE PLUCKING GRS!! -"The Pluckin' Grs- Need I say more. These guys bring a mutha pluckin' load of blue grass to the table. They wrung out the overalls of rock and stole the front porch pickin flavor from the heart of Appala
  6. at murphs bar in fishtown, 202 e. girard. a bi-monthly music series/get together, this sunday expect, short sets from these local players, and more to be added NLMS http://www.myspace.com/northlawrencemidnightsingers T.J. Leis of B Side Prophets http://www.myspace.com/tjleis Christopher Dalbey http://www.myspace.com/stormyheaven75 Joseph c. Arnold http://www.myspace.com/josephcarnold starts at 3pm til about 6 or 7 also, anyone interested in performing, just reply here or shoot me a message, there's is a piano in the bar that we can use as well, any boogie woogie players out there
  7. Used to think Jackson Browne just sucked! But now some of his tunes can make me cry
  8. thank ya sir, http://iacmusic.com/artist.aspx?id=142205
  9. yo pop todd! i recently added a page and some tunes and would love to join the party. Thanks!
  10. Been wantin to pick up 'mystic theatre' and 'political manifesto' for sometime now,but can only find them on amazon uk, well out of my price range. Anyone have these and want to barter? Mark Olson writes my fav. tunes, would like to complete the creekdippers disco.
  11. ZZ Top Elminator sounds especially excellent on record, just got some nice dollar bin discoveries, Pete Seeger live at carnagie 63, the best of the guess who, and the soundtrack to american graffitim, 2 record set 41 classic oldies rock tunes
  12. the donovan thread fell below the genesis thread, that's all.
  13. I've got a copy of Open Road on Vinyl, its def. He's overlooked gem, and the closing tune "new years resolution" is a minor masterpiece, there was also a couple good tunes on that record he did for american records in the 90's J Cash Style.
  14. The Rolling Hayseeds and Rich Kaufmann (from the hayseeds) great local alt. country band early 90's, and Kenn Kwedder, everyone should look into Ken for a wealth of great tunes, performances and personality, reporting from philly PA.
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