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  1. Unified Theory - i was at that show at the Auditorum Theater on Halloween! I thought they came out to open the show all dressed as ghosts - the first song in the show was Theologians - with the lyrics "A ghost is born...." really hitting home with the costumes. But it was 20 years ago, so memories can be fuzzy!
  2. Fwiw, it looked to me that the band's guitar techs were defintiely setting up for a second encore during Spiders (at least on Nel's side), and the house lights took a few beats to come on after the first encore. I walked by the soundbooth on the way out and it also looked like everybody working back there was ready for more music. Feels like it was an audible from the band to end it.
  3. Anybody stuck with an extra ticket for the show at the Metro next week? Would be happy to take it off your hands, buy you a beer at the show and pay cash. Let me know!
  4. Gives some pretty direct answers on his favorite songs, least favorite song to play live, etc. I enjoyed reading it. https://www.vulture.com/2019/09/jeff-tweedy-interview-wilco-ode-to-joy.html
  5. In the somewhat-related-but-not-really department, I was living in LA at this time and had tickets to Wilco's second night at the House of Blues on the tour (i think they taped the tonight show appearance before night one). I think there was a death in the Tweedy/Miller family in between shows and the second night was cancelled. I know the band rarely cancels shows, and was bummed to have missed them on this tour (obviously family comes first). Just figured i'd drop this anecdote in.
  6. Fantastic/devastating as well, from 50/50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWEWO_WTZxU
  7. Have two tickets for the Saturday show - MNFL3R, Row J, seats 318 and 320. $200 (face value with fees). Prefer cash - able to meet in person for exchange in city or northern suburbs. Let me know.
  8. I was fortunate enough to attend an event today at Temple Emanuel in Chicago for the retirement of Rabbi Michael Zedek. In addition to a touching ceremony and some great comedy from Pete Grosz and his wife Deb, Jeff and Spencer performed three songs for the attendees. 1. A Simple Twist of Fate (Bob Dylan cover) 2. You are Not Alone 3. Hesitating Beauty Was very cool to see them perform in this setting (and to hear A Simple Twist of Fate live).
  9. Great points above, U2roolz. I've seen U2 17 times (not bragging, just establishing a baseline) starting in 1987 and by far my biggest disappointment with them as a live act is their complete lack of spontaneity. While their shows make look stunning visually, they are so programmed down to the minute that it rarely, if ever, allows the band to call an audible. And this has been the case since the Zoo TV tour. I know U2 has to balance playing the hits/pushing their new album but they completely ignore entire albums/eras from their catalog. Obviously this is their right, but after hearing
  10. Can't make the show - just need to get rid of the tickets. Looking for $110 for the two seats - that's face value, minus the shipping charges. Will have the tickets in hand tomorrow, happy to meet in downtown Chicago at any time.
  11. MZ Box 19? Any chance the guys have some fun with the setting tonight - show up in suits, add some instruments (horn section, etc.). Doubtful, but just throwing it out there...
  12. Paul Simon - Graceland Tour & Talking Heads - pretty much any tour. Was just too young at the time to convince the parents to let me go.... Not that i am a big fan, but just as Oasis was starting to blow up (early-to-mid 90s), i was in line to buy tickets in DC to see them (at Radio Music Hall, before it became the "new" 9:30 club) and the people in front of me bought the last two tickets. Never saw them...
  13. For what it's worth - i saw house of freaks open for Midnight Oil way back in 1989/1990 and they put on a great show. Still such a sad story....
  14. Of all the shows to be on the same date - i've been waiting for the miles kurosky tour forever and now he has to compete with Spoon on the same night? Schuba's will be empty.
  15. Came across this on aintitcool....it's one of those "red band" trailers so you'll need to enter your birthdate in the tiny box in the upper left... Nothing's Ever is featured prominently throughout, and the movie looks pretty funny too... http://www.aintitcool.com/node/41630
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