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  1. seriously, it's a bit of a ghost town in there. i'm sure plenty of people in /r/music would be into it if they knew it existed.
  2. Confirmed at the Magnuson in Williamstown. It's closer than Vermont so I'm happy. Booya.
  3. i'll definitely be at the philly show. i'm going to hit up the tin angel this week for tickets.
  4. hah. great clips. i haven't watched that in a while. i forgot that Mel's husband was Gale from Breaking Bad. Mel would have been good, maybe, for introducing bands and comics. but i don't think i could watch her for an hour straight.
  5. Todd Barry might have been the most suitable for younger audiences, there was a 10 year old next to me cracking up the whole time during his set. but no, no one else was. they should have had some signs up. not that i minded.
  6. i was begging the woman behind the table for one of these posters. but she said there are going to be contests later to give them away.
  7. you saw the funniest act, in my opinion... and they were all hilarious, so that's saying a lot.
  8. ohhh, so THAT'S what I was trying to say all day at work. thanks for that.
  9. beautiful video. i wish i took more - or any video. but i think vimeo accepts 1080p. anyway, this is my first post here. thought i'd share a few of my pics: not a great picture, but happy jeff. favorite song of the weekend. nels eyeballing me? and the rest of the 100 or so that for the most part look like everyone elses, with a few exceptions: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jonprc/sets/72157624616439841/ ..oh, and thanks for being awesome fans and seriously making this the best festival experience i've ever had.
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