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  1. I have one extra two day pass for $140 I’ll be in Charleston Friday night. 940/859-1274
  2. All i want for Christmas is Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing at all!
  3. Thanks, great review. Do you know if there is long lineup before the gates open to secure a decent spot at one of the stages, or was it pretty relaxed entry?
  4. The second year of this festival, has probably the single greatest artist roster playing for a small festival i have ever seen. Everything from the music, to the venue, to the culinary delights all wrapped up in a limited (10,000) attended two day festival. This is the first year i will be going, but if the reviews from last year, and what i anticipate for this year, it could be on par with Solid Sound and New Port Folk. http://www.highwaterfest.com/#artists
  5. I'll take your posters if you haven't trashed them yet! Also, you should have approached someone in the front row that was standing, and ask them if they would mind trading seats. Wilco fans are nice, even those that stand. Hell i would have traded you my great lower balcony seat if i would have been able to read your mind and know it was difficult for you to stand.
  6. I have upgraded a few rows and have two in 101 row M closer to the center isle, If anyone needs a pair. with service fees i think i paid a bit over $190 but i'll take $150. Send me a text if you want them. dave 940/859-1274
  7. This begs the question if they will tour in support of the release! I would love to see this with maybe a Jeff solo acoustic opening set.
  8. Great add i don't remember seeing it. The Wilco cameo is a bit alliterative for that group.
  9. The Irving gig which is the fist Live Nation venue Wilco had played in the D/FW are is apparently now cutting out the scalpers and is in turn a scalper. You can right now buy 1st row seats in front of Cline for $295 + fees each which is not a resale seat but venue pricing. On the 10th row center you can get seats for $165 + fees. I think i'll stick with my 13th row center for the $70 +fees.
  10. I can tell you the Irving music Factory will be a challenge to get good seats too. That LN venue offers PCL licensing as well as VIP ticket bank options so a lot of the choice seats will not be made available until August 5th when the PCL licensing closes. This is a new venue and the first show will not be until Labor day. There are two seating options for this venue, one is open air 8000 GA floor and lawn with a small 200 and a bit larger 300 reserved. The other is closed venue 4000 with reserved seats on the floor with a small 200 section and a lager 300 section layout. I'm thinking Wi
  11. The Irving Texas show will be at a new venue here, the Irving Music Factory. It will be the first time Wilco has played a Live Nation or any corporate venue in the D/FW area. I find that very interesting.
  12. Soooo. Who is going to be the first to finish the Tweedy puzzle that came in the box set? To me that puzzle design is typical Tweedy humor. The all black inner portion of that is going to be a challenge! On another note, a friend who is employed by the band. Informed me that all the art they have previously as well as future releases on the road case shows; if collected in full, will eventually make a giant poster. I'm not sure how long ago it started or when it will end but was told there are a bunch of pieces to it.
  13. Who will open for Tweedy and friends on Joe on Sunday afternoon? The schedule does not make it clear. Any guesses?
  14. I always get them this time of the week leading up to SS! For me, the time during the weekend of every solid sound so far, has been the fastest bi-yearly clock movement i experience in my life! I'm just trying to jinx it so it will go slower this year.
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