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  1. 1. Art of Almost (ALTWYS) 2. I Might (Kamera) 3. Spiders (One Wing) 4. Outtasite Outta mind (Bull Black Nova) (Dawned on Me) 5. Jesus, ETC. (Always In Love) 6. Handshake Drugs (Born Alone) 7. Pieholden Suite (I Got You) 8. What's The World Got In Store (Solitaire) 9. Hotel Arizona (Pot Kettle Black) 10. Theologians (Poor Places) (Say You Miss Me) 11. Reservations (Everlasting everything) 12. One Sunday Morning (Late Greats) My totals: AM: 0 BT: 3, 2 runner ups ST: 1, 1 runner up YHF: 2, 3 runner ups AGIB: 3, 2 Runner ups SBS: 0 WTA: 0, 4 Runner ups TWL 3, 2 Runner up Slot #6 was the weakes
  2. I've listened to Achtung Baby twice this month to pump myself up for the reissue. After nearly 10 years of listening, the album still blows me away. Its place in the context of their discography only makes it more astonishing. Can anyone think of another example (other than The Beatles) of a band as big as U2 were during The Joshua Tree attempting a complete reinvention and emerging so triumphantly? It may be their best album. Also, despite the hate it gets, Stuck In a Moment still gives me chills. Walk On, not so much.
  3. I'm glad to see that most of you are having as much trouble as me : ) I would definitely say that the lyrics in Waterloo and superior. However, imo Chilton's vocal is more affecting and SG has a better chorus. So I still don't think it's clear cut. EDIT: Well, actually WS does have a great chorus too. But the guitars in SG are so goddamn catchy.
  4. Both of these songs have been stuck in my head for a few years now and both get listed as among the most perfect pop songs ever written. Which do you like more?
  5. One of my top 20 ever. Anyone else agree? Also, I played September Gurls like 10 times in a row tonight. Perfect pop for now, people.
  6. Agreed, he is one the greats. His discography remains consistently great--and have you heard the Grinderman records?! my favs, in no order: boatman's call lyre of orpheus/abbitious (sp)blues let love in mercy seat
  7. No, one bother likes top 40 and my youngest brother only listens to music at parties so he can dance with girls (he's 18). They both think I'm a total weirdo. I think they're boring. One big happy family
  8. So his self titled debut is out of print? Would def be interested in giving it a listen.
  9. Wow, this song is ridiculously catchy.
  10. The band and press treated Accelerate like it was a return to greatness when it was really a step in the right direction. They sounded like a band again and by keeping the songs super concise it made it easy to listen to the record all the way through. But at the end of the day there are still a more than a few mediocre songs (Hollow Man, Houston, Accelerate). I think people should admit that most bands that have been around for 30 years usually can't make great experimental art anymore (and it's not like REM were ever THAT weird). At this point in their career, I'd rather have them make CIN
  11. For anyone who hasn't heard Paris 1919 yet, I would personally recommend listening to the whole thing start to finish (instead of hearing songs individually). It has such a great flow and in context the songs feel more awe-inspiring/powerful. It almost feels like a concept album. And I mean, if the first song you hear is Antarctica Starts Here, you're impression will be totally distorted.
  12. Except on "Macbeth" of course. Def has a Little Feet feel. Amazing album. It may actually be perfect.
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