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  1. Randy Jackson has a great critique on one of the contestants in American Idol. I believe his name is Mcdonald. He sings "Come Pick Me Up" by Ryan Adams. Randy mentions Wilco in a very nice way.
  2. Shakespeare you are absolutely right. Wilco does not owe us anything. They have given us more than we could ever ask!! Thanks for putting me in my place. Just feel like I missed out on the UT days. Yes, i am a little bitter. Just can't help but imagine what it would be like to see them together, just one time, today. Especially when you see how they have both grown as artist. Thanks for the response!
  3. Shakespeare I don't know how long you have been a fan but you are very misunderstood. Wilco is not about "being big". Yes, I am sure they are enjoying the fruits of their labor. But overall they care about the music, soul, and their fans. It is a shame that their popularity has brought on fans like yourself who are more intersted in "being big" than "the music". How many bands that you know put together a 5 day residency tour were they sing every song off every album for their fans. I can go on and on....about this subject. There is no band out there that works as hard as Wilco does and p
  4. The time has come for Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar to swallow their pride (bury the hatchet) and come together for a reunion tour! The timing is right. Both artist have put together some amazing albums. Let's face it, they are not getting any younger. Wilco, Son Volt, and Uncle Tupelo fans deserve to witness this. Most would sacrafice a limb and travel the map to witness this. Like many fans, including myself, we did not discover Uncle Tupelo until "AM" or "Being There" and we had to do some backtracking. We never experienced "live" the magic you both possessed. Based on this web site, blo
  5. By far one of the best interviews Jeff Tweedy had done. The gentleman asking the questions has the ability to listen to answers and ask very good questions. Well done!!
  6. I have 4 GE tickets for June 23. I am bringing my family and would love to trade for balcony seating. (My kids first concert) Any takers???
  7. OK. We have all seen the DVD. I have one question. Where can I find that BAD ASS cowboy hat Jeff is wearing??
  8. I thought Delta Spirit was the absolute hightlight of the show. M.Ward was not as polished as I was expecting. Your thoughts???
  9. Would love a MP3 of JT doing Fake Plastic Trees. Please HELP!!! Thanks.
  10. Thought you might enjoy this!! http://www.ocregister.com/entertainment/ye...thing-winehouse
  11. I respect their talent. For some reason can not get into there music. Please help. What is it that does not compare to Wilco.
  12. Need pictures!!! Please help. Wow. What a show!!
  13. Wilco - BT World Party - Goodbye Jumbo Jellyfish - Bellybutton Neil Young - Harvest Moon Wilco - YHF Can you compete with this!!!!
  14. Still probably the best live band I have ever seen. Wish the where still around. Andy Sturmer is a great missing talent. The King Is Half Undressed in my top 5 greatist albums of all time!!!
  15. Loving all the feedback. Wilco fans never let me down. Thanks again!!!!!!
  16. A friend of mine says a must go see this band live!! They are playing this month at the HOB. What do you guys think?? Has anyone seen or heard them?
  17. I have an extra ticket for tonights sold out show at the Aneheim House of Blues.
  18. Saw him perform last night on Letterman. Sounded pretty darn good. I see he is touring right now. Has anybody seen him perform live???? Is his album worth getting??
  19. Turned out to be a great show. Karl was in a great mood. Played songs off all albums. Sorry I do not have a set. list. These are the ones that stand out. (Opened with) Put the message in the box Love Street Sweet Soul Dream Is It Like Today Ship of Fools Is It Like Today Way Down Now I Thought You Were A Spy (Dumbing Up) Great song personal favorite along with sweet soul dream I can not say enough about the band. They were TIGHT!!!!! Lead guitar, fiddle, accordian,.........absolutely incredible. The audience would not leave after Ship of Fools. (last song in first oncore) Cam
  20. Goodbye Jumbo was a GREAT album!! So many wonderful songs. I can only hope Karl plays a few songs off that album. Looking forward to Sweet Soul Dream!
  21. Sounds great. Thanks for the info!!
  22. I saw them about 10 years ago in Los Angeles. It was an incredible show. They are playing tonight at "The Coach House" in Orange County Calif. Any VC members planning on being there???
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