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  1. I heard that they record some songs and then...nothing. They said the chemistry wasn't there and nothing really came of their reunion. Sounds like it could be a winner, doesn't it?
  2. http://espn.go.com/blog/playbook/sounds/post/_/id/6648/robert-pollard-talks-college-no-hitter The story is now on ESPN...
  3. I'm in the same boat about the Avetts: used to love them but now they suck. My wife is a huge fan and loves her some wussed-out music of the same variety. When she heard their new song she said "What kind of pussy crap is that?"
  4. Man, I wish I could go but I have to work the next day. I live close enough to go (2 hours) and I do go to Atlanta for shows sometimes... Elf Power's playing too and I love me some Elf Power. Asheville is closer for me (less than an hour) and they're playing the Oasis Music Festival thingy the same weekend but there is no guarantee that I get into see them that weekend. I'm not fighting a bunch of hippies all weekend in cramped spaces just to not get let in; that's just not my idea of a good time. It would be awesome if they sold individual tickets to the show in Asheville. Bummer...wish I could go.
  5. I first started posting here in 2001 as a way to meet Wilco fans after YHF leaked. That album was so amazing that I had to seek other fans out and I stumbled upon this place. I was 21 and a senior in college: it was such an awesome place/time back then with little-to-no responsibilities and lots of personal discovery. It was new and awesome to interact with so many fans. I found so many of my now-favorite bands/albums through this site and through the suggestions of so many of the old posters...I almost quit when the post counts re-set back in the day and that was actually the beginning of the end for me because I had just started a teaching career and was out living life rather than talking about it on a chat board all the time. ...but, like most of the old-timers, I lost interest for several reasons: life, losing interest in the band, moving on to other things, a career, getting married, loss of free-time and, in general, growing-up. I still post here once, maybe twice a month but I'll never be able to participate like I could or even want to like I did 12 years ago (I still check it out on a near-daily basis). Wilco, in my opinion, aren't nearly as exciting or good as they used to be and they don't really tour as close to my local as they once did. Maybe if they make more dynamic music in the future, then perhaps I would regain my interest but SBS killed any interest I had in the band and I still never fully re-gained my interest (although TWL was a little more adventurous). I'm a firm believer that they crossed over into the dreaded and quite uninteresting "dad-rock" paradigm and shall never return! The band can deny it all they like; many fans feel this way about Wilco. I get that some do not feel this way and respect their opinion. The proliferation of the internet, information and availability of music, has made the whole musical discovery-thing "less" appealing, in-so-much that it's available at the tips of my fingers and on my Facebook feeds and there's less and less "wonder" everyday. Remember when the Now Playing thread used to get to 30-40+ pages within a month? Now it's just the same 3-4 people who fill up a 4 page thread with the same ol' things.
  6. Yeah, I mean he didn't like go all out and tell a bunch of jokes, stories and shit, but he acknowledged the crowd verbally on more than one occasion, generally talked between songs, talked about the Orange peel, and had a few other quips here and there. He seemed to be "there" and into it, if that makes any sense. I've seen him before where it seemed he really didn't care to be there and was completely disengaged. Heck, he even smiled some the other night. He seemed more comfortable the other night.
  7. I just caught Son volt live in Asheville the other night, and it was great. Anyone on the fence about seeing them should definitely go: probably the best show I've seen them play (my 7th jay-related show). The show is heavy on newer material but it's great to hear those new songs in the live setting. Jay was engaged with the audience and the band was having a blast. The opener, Col. Ford, is just Son Volt minus Jay playing old honky tonk covers, which was a total blast.
  8. My brother just got into Dawes and I told him that their studio material is good but seeing them live is really a treat. They're a real tight, enjoyable live band.
  9. No thoughts yet. I listened to the stream but it was more in the background than in the foreground of my thought. But I've gotta pick up this week: they're my wife's favorite band. We've worn out their last 2 records.
  10. Whoa, sounds like a cool little download, but, I'm either dumb or blind because I can't find it anywhere on his site.
  11. I have not heard if the vinyl will have a digital download or not. I would assume that it does. At any rate, I think I'm gonna wait until I see it for a lower price: I've been able to find most jay-related vinyl for around $10 a few months after its initial release.
  12. The local record store also had free Honky Tonk shirts with the purchase of the album...
  13. According to the local record store, the vinyl has been delayed for 2 weeks...Anyone else been able to pick a vinyl copy yet?
  14. Sounds pretty decent...less than 2 weeks until we find out for sure.
  15. It's General Admission, so no assigned seats. I'm not that much of a Keys fan but getting to see the Lips in Greenville's gonna be a real treat. Do you go the the Grey Eagle a lot? I'm interested to hear your opinion of the venue, if you do...
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