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  1. Released in 1980 on Chicago's own Alligator records....for Mardi Gras Day
  2. To pay homage to the four night run I offer up… WILCO CHICAGO RESIDENCY 2017: THE FINALE IN FOUR PARTS PART ONE: WILCO LOVES YOU BABY Hey Wilco fans, if I were to tell you the band would perform a mini set for you consisting of the following but all you had to do was listen to them repeat other great songs from the Wilco catalog for a couple nights in a row, wouldn’t you give a resounding yes?!? On and On and On Muzzle Of Bees A Magazine Called Sunset Say You Miss Me Monday I’m A Wheel Those are the half dozen songs we were delivered on Sunday night at the C
  3. With One Detective's Daughter, (what's the next line??....I hear "My powers shine on" but I know it's not right) Maybe my verses Ain't that free Cause there'll be no more poetry Can anyone help with that one lyric? I'm loving playing this one but just cannot decipher that one freakin line! argh Thanks folks. sk
  4. I was lucky enough to attend one of the Cabin Fever shows at Levon's studio in February 2009 which yielded the deep and rootsy Before the Frost...Until the Freeze records. Even after seeing many, many Crowes shows through the 90s &00s this session was a mind shifter for me. I loved Warpaint when Luther joined the band but the live gigs after BTF...UTF really started to get very tight. The "final" tour after they released Croweology (highly recommneded as well) with the acoustic and electric sets were some of the most satisfying Black Crowes I ever did see (and there were a lot of great
  5. Did anyone record Saturday night? Friday was great and as fun as any Vic academic benefit show that I've attended but Saturday was totally exceptional. You could tell Jeff was woodshedding all Saturday afternoon to polish his playing for that evening. He even metioned how a certain song sounded great that day in his basement so you know he was putting in some time. Friday night he seemed to be struggling a little (more to the eye than to the ear) with his playing - lot's of playful but frustrated/pained facial expressions....Saturday the playing was fierce and nearly flawless. Would love
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