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  1. This was my 12th Wilco show, 2nd of this run. That's far fewer shows than a lot of people here but I started late! I was minutes away from not going due to the lack of diversity in the set lists this run. Figured I'd seen what I needed to on Wednesday. The reason I still go to Wilco shows is to catch that feeling of hearing their songs, songs I've listened to over and over again, in some kind of different light. Doubted I'd get that after reviewing the sets for Thursday and Saturday. Tonight was great, of course, and I walked away reminded that Jesus, Etc. is the most beautiful song that
  2. Any idea on how long these typically stay available. Christmas and Winterlude have already hit my wallet hard! Safe to assume they'll be on sale for awhile even if it's not early bird?
  3. Are your seats together? Getting a sinking feeling that ours are on opposite ends (per the seating chart). BBB seats 419 and 420...
  4. Managed to get orchestra BBB and just realized we got seats 419 and 420. Doesn't that put us on opposites ends of the row?
  5. Awesome! Can't wait to finally hear some Schmilco live!
  6. Has anyone ever RV'd for this? Good experience?
  7. I should probably clarify that it was actually 45 after tax and shipping. The shipping was a little unreasonable. But still worth it potentially if you buy a few records.
  8. Nonesuch is running a promo right now for their redesigned web site I guess. 50% off anything until tomorrow (4/21) at 1 PM ET. Includes all Wilco albums up to and including W(TA). Just picked up KT box set for 32 bucks. http://www.nonesuch.com/journal/take-50-off-nonesuch-store-one-day-only-2016-04-20 Sorry if this isn't the spot for a thread like this, but figured some people here might like a heads up.
  9. We get winter residency shows every 3-4 years and the Vic charity shows, definitely not a bad deal. We also seem to get summer outdoor shows near or in Chicago almost every year anyway.
  10. ELT sounded great last night, but Jeff must not remember playing it during the 2nd encore of Winterlude Night 6!
  11. Just wanna echo the sentiment of appreciation for your recaps bbop. I'm a little newer here but even before I joined, I've always loved the recaps (going back to the July 2010 South Bend IN show).
  12. Keep an eye out on the Roadcase section of wilco.kungfustore.com. I've bought a handful of recordings from there and haven't been disappointed with the quality yet.
  13. Really hope they continue with Muzzle of Bees this stretch. Haven't seen it once in 8 Wilco / 4 Jeff shows! Nels' playing at the end sounds kickass on Kicking Television.
  14. Interesting mix of songs there. I could see that be somebody's top ten, but out of that whole list I think only Misunderstood and maybe California Stars could be in mine.
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