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  1. Is this where we...oh never mind.
  2. because some of us don't believe that eating so much meat is beneficial. can't I bask in whatever I want to?
  3. disappointing really. and Noj, I don't eat beef or pork. too much cruelty involved. there is with chicken too, but I haven't made that move yet.
  4. I like the vibrator option better.
  5. today I would like an answer to a message I sent to one of the moderators. I sent it yesterday and I'm not optimistic that I will receive a reply.
  6. what the hell is a hill's hoist?
  7. keep it! keep it! don't send it here!
  8. me too. it's got to be agonizing not knowing where your family members are for days on end. if this isn't it, I hope they find the plane soon
  9. microwaves come in very handy.
  10. I had one many years ago. it was fun!
  11. Courtney Love is a smart woman. she uses the word "utensil" instead of "spoon" or "fork."
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