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  1. 18 day doesnt seem bad to me either. The problem was that the purchaser was never made aware of the refund. I can guarantee you one thing. I wont be buying any more concert tickets for shows in the distant future again. The last three Wilco shows I've been to, I showed up without a ticket. At the gate I purchased tickets for cost, and once was given a ticket. Fuck Ticketbastard.
  2. I requested a refund on 5/1/2020. For over a month, following message still appears on my ticketbastard account page: "If you’ve submitted a request, we’ll be reviewing it as soon as possible and will reach out with any updates along the way." Emailed ticketbastard yesterday, and recieved the following message this morning: Thank you for contacting us regarding your request. We see your order was refunded on 05/19/20 for the amount of $ 232.70 back to the card ending in ****7453. If you have not received your refund you may need to contact you financial institution for further assistance. Does this mean there is a god?
  3. Wilco needs to step up to the plate and refund the funds on cancelled shows. In other words give us back our money for shows that did not happen. And I dont want to hear the postponement/rescheduliung at a later date bullshit. In California we wont be having any large gatherings at venues for who knows how long. This shit aint right.
  4. I seriously doubt any shows will be held in California until after the new year. Why can we not get a refund on monies paid out months in advance? This shit aint right.
  5. Ticketbastard now accepting requests for refunds.
  6. What is going on? Postponed shows, no notice from Wilco or Ticketbastard. No concerts for the forseeable future. No refunds. This aint right.
  7. Santa Rosa? We had a change of plans and had to put tics up for sale. If they postpone Santa Rosa we can probably make it.
  8. For a good laugh, this weekend at the Cascade in Redding Weird Al Yankoviech has sold more tics than Wilco. Redding is a strange town indeed.
  9. I for one was satisfied and would welcome them back to the area with open arms. When the show as announced I purchased a number of tickets knowing that it would be sold out in less than a week.(1001 seats). Undercutting all scalper sales on ebay and Craigslist offering them fo cost, I couldn't sell 1/2 the tickets I bought and returned them to the venue two days prior to the show for credit on acts to follow in the future. Go figure that one. I even offered less than my cost to folks who were short on the cash and still couldn't unload them. Gave my last 2nd row seat away at the door to a lady who was most grateful. Redding is a strange town sometimes. I'm glad I made the trek to Berkeley last weekend for the two shows at the Greek.
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