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  1. I'd say Buckner's never really been on the radar. But that's never stopped me loving most of his musical output. "Surrounded", released last year, is one of his better records. Buckner's touring all over, playing intimate living room shows along with scattered electric shows. Back to Jack White, it's impressive how good a job he does keeping his name ON the radar. Yeah, he's a good promoter and some would say gimmicky, but he also consistently releases good music. If anybody is following the World Cup it's impossible to not get heavy doses of Jack White, from crowds chanting the 7 Nation Army riff to hearing High Ball Stepper or Black Cat Licorice on pre-game show fadeouts and ESPN World Cup ads.
  2. Tweedy seems to like attention but not the large spotlight and “act” that usually comes with being a music performer. Kinda similar to Bob Dylan. White seems to relish the showmanship. With the White Stripes, he was brilliant at creating more than just a duo that plays punk rock. They had a mystery and excitement. Anytime I’ve seen White on stage, whether with the Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather or solo, you can’t take your eyes off him. He’s a truly great performer. His and Tweedy’s music-writing skill can be debated and it’s mostly subjective, but there’s no doubt who sells their music better and who can create more buzz. Heck, snippets of Jack White’s newest single Lazaretto is being played during segments of the World Cup. I think White HAS had the bigger influence on the music world the last 15 years. The White Stripes are locks for the Hall of Fame. Wilco isn't. But making the Hall isn't everything (I'd argue it isn't much of anything). Personally, I think the period of Wilco’s music from Being There to YHF was really special, and I think Bennett’s existence helped that fairly significantly. Being There to Mermaid to Summerteeth to YHF Demos to YHF was a seriously impressive run musically. I think Tweedy is every bit the great music artist that White is, but White has more charisma, a dynamic voice and still has some electricity in his music. Tweedy, 7 years older, sounds more laid back, reflective and mellow. His mostly dead-pan delivery doesn’t offer a lot of vocal variation, making his newest creations sound more like carefully-worded poetry to music than songs. (I’ve only heard the live recordings). Another artist I like, Richard Buckner, has ZERO chance of making the Hall and not many people know him. But I think he’s every bit the music artist that White and Tweedy are. I could rate White and Tweedy and Buckner to my personal taste (White would likely be on top), but mostly am just glad they all are around to listen to.
  3. White performed 2 new songs acoustically on Conan O'Brien's show last night. "Temporary Ground" and "Alone In My Home". Really nice: http://teamcoco.com/video/jack-white-temporary-ground-06-11-14 http://teamcoco.com/video/jack-white-alone-in-my-home-06-11-14
  4. Jack White's new album (in stores Tuesday, June 10th) is streaming on iTunes. I've listened to it 3 times. Really impressed.
  5. Future Islands' new album "Singles" is out today and can be streamed at NPR. Their led by an energetic, talented singer Samuel Herring. The band hit the "big time" by appearing on Letterman a few weeks ago, with Dave sounding very excited afterwards. The performance of the song "Seasons" has gotten over 500,000 Youtube hits. The new record, to me, is more cohesive than their previous and seems more confident in their pop sensibilities. I think it's pretty great. http://www.npr.org/2014/03/16/286898446/first-listen-future-islands-singles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ee4bfu_t3c
  6. What I like about many McCartney songs is how he, many times, makes the latter 3rd of the song something special and something you look forward to. You think Beware My Love is over, but it's not. And it's finish is as good or better than the start. The late instrumental on With A Little Luck is maybe the highlight of the song. We Got Married (live) goes on fairly long at then end, buy I never want to skip it. None of this mentions the obvious songs that are like 2 or 3 songs in one. I just find many his of songs chock full of fun and/or creative ideas. My favorite musician ever, and I don't have to really think about it.
  7. Junior's Farm Beware My Love Maybe I'm Amazed (Live) Getting Closer The Back Seat Of My Car Band On The Run With A Little Luck We Got Married Live (Live) Uncle Albertl/Admiral Halsey Little Lamb Dragonfly VERY tough. 10 more that missed my cut: Jet Every Night Golden Earth Girl Another Day Oh Woman, Oh Why Arrow Through Me Little Willow I'm Carrying To You Nineteen Hundred Eighty Five
  8. I like my weekly religious experience at mass each weekend. I wouldn't compare it to a concert. I enjoyed seeing Mr. Tweedy, one my favorite music artists, using only a guitar and his voice to take me away for a couple hours. I'd compare it more to sitting through a really good movie.
  9. I love the Replacements. Easily in my Top 10 bands of all time. I love their ragged, loose vibe. And yes, those records you reference are all great. I'd even add Don't Tell A Soul and good chunks of some others. Westerberg's voice might be my favorite rock n' roll voice ever besides McCartney. But I understand why they wouldn't get voted in the almighty Hall. Found a good article about the Replacements and the Hall at Salon. I like the one sentence description of the band by the writer: Their music, as a whole, is a sort of extended, glorious tribute to a particularly upper-Midwestern variety of failure. http://www.salon.com/2013/10/17/keep_the_replacements_out_of_the_rock_hall/
  10. I too was really digging the guitar work. Thought he'd break strings on Laminated Cat, then on others, subtle picking and tempo changes. Still can't get over Long Time Ago. Really sounded amazing how he played it. And the opener Solitaire was perfect. Better than the more sound-scaped cd version.
  11. His bit on guys making their trucks more manly was really great.
  12. The whole show was over at 10:40. Tweedy came on at right about 9:00. Comedian probably came on a little after 8:00 maybe.
  13. I sat near the back and didn't notice any cell phones or cameras at all. I was actually surprised how quiet the audience remained during the songs. One guy felt he had to clap…badly…during the first couple songs, but that stopped. Annoying when people have to yell out requests, but with Tweedy, it's actually quite entertaining to hear how he might respond. Tweedy, or any artist, can't expect a full theater of people to ALL be on perfect behavior. On The Thanks I Get the artist/audience interaction seemed genuinely fun. Honestly, it's the most relaxed that Tweedy has seemed to me in the MANY times I've seen him. I too liked hearing Tweedy's line "Jay Bennett was my friend". Bennett was a big part of Wilco for a good stretch, and meant a lot to long-time Wilco fans. Jeff, rightly so, sang his own songs and said he wasn't there to perform tributes to other people. But the loudest ovation of the night came after the opening riffs of California Stars, which Bennett helped write. Felt like I was seeing a gifted songwriter/performer on his 'A' game last night.
  14. SUPER impressed with Jeff Tweedy last night. Maybe it's partly 'cause he hasn't done a solo show for awhile, or even been on a stage in awhile, but he sounded fresh and in was in good spirits. He had a mostly-good-natured back and forth with a fan who kept shouting requests and who kept clapping too loudly during songs (Tweedy said, "like a spark in a microwave"). Long Time Ago was a great surprise. As was One True Vine, which Tweedy humbly said Staples woulda done better had she been there, but NO WAY do I believe that. He nailed it! I could write more later, but the KC Star writer gives a very nice recap of the night: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/12/04/4668072/jeff-tweedy-gives-an-uptown-theater.html
  15. Solo tour kicks off tonight! Tweedy's got so much great stuff to choose from, it's impossible to think of even one song he'll DEFINITELY play. I couldn't guess. Maybe "Ballad Of The Opening Band", just because it's new? Regardless, whatever he decides to play will be great. It's cool he goes on these mini solo tours every so often.
  16. Thanks for posting. Timothy Finn is a long-time music writer for the KC Star and he writes the article as if he very much respects Tweedy's contribution to music. And it's a snark-free; something rare in music commentaries.
  17. Thanks for pointing to me Wilco's site. Tweedy's written some really great rock and pop songs over the years. But my favorites of his are the ones that are uniquely Tweedy sounding. Hard to explain...kind of haunting or reflective or mysterious. Songs like I listed above. I could add Hell Is Chrome, Lonely One, Less Than You Think, Via Chicago, Black Eye, Wait Up, Future Age and Radio King. Side-note. Tweedy's got a good sense of humor, based off of his live banter over the years. Surprised that's not reflected in more of his writing. Passenger Side, Pecan Pie, Bob Dylan's Beard, Heavy Metal Drummer...are there others?
  18. Really looking forward to seeing Mr. Tweedy next week in KC. Any chance he'll try out a new song or two? Really hope so. Not that he gives a rip what a long-time Wilco fan and Wilco concert-attendee like me wants to hear. But, just in case, what the heck.... I'll keep it to 5: Dash 7 Blasting Fonda Solitaire All The Same To Me Black Eye
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