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  1. Wilco - Ode to Joy Nick Cave - Ghosteen Purple Mountains Bon Iver i,i Tweedy Warmer
  2. Sunken T, Lonely 1, Red eyed... Epic show last night! Epic I say!
  3. Yep. From what I've seen on setlist.fm this is their standard format now. Just bums me out. I've been fortunate to see The Cure, Pearl Jam, and My Morning last couple of years really mix up setlists. It makes the investment going to the multiple shows worth it. You get to hear more variety. I was hoping that Wilco would do the same this time around. Guess not. Maybe I'll be surprised tonight.
  4. Great sounding show, and my 11 year old son loved it, which in the scheme of things is all that mattered to me. But if I could be critical... There were just too many repeaters from Wednesday night. Couple that with the fact that said repeaters were also pretty much in similar spots in the setlist, it was a letdown. I guess I'm getting too old. Maybe I just miss the old days of the Wilco diverse setlists. I've seen them many times and will be at the show tomorrow night as well. On the fence for Sunday, but if tomorrow is similar to the previous 2, guess I'll be staying home. (which means S
  5. Almost here folks. I have row DD Nels side for night one, row D center for night 2 (taking my 11 year old son - pretty psyched), 4th row balcony Sat night with my bro and our wives. And now I may need to just bite the bullet and buy a single for Sunday. I'd hate to miss any of my white whales that night (In a Future age..., when the roses...) Safe travels all.
  6. Scored 4 balcony for sat night. 4th row
  7. Scored 2 for Wed show. 4th row Nels side. 2 for Thurs, main floor 18th row. Trying for 4 for Saturday this am. Now please Wilco...play In A Future Age Any of those nights - Chicago G
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