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  1. 6 hours ago, lost highway said:

    This new one is interesting. Whether all of it clicks with me (some of it does), or not (some of it doesn't). Whatever path they took to inspiration is their own and I'm glad they took their journey.


    They've made their first actual 'jam band' record in terms of process. The others have been pretty carefully crafted, this one has some real 'dudes riffing in the room' strategy. This yields some mixed results in my eyes, especially clear in the back-to-back tracks "Devil Is in the Details" and "Lucky to be Alive".


    "Devil" has a sense to me that it could go anywhere and any minute of music is not particularly important to the compositional whole. They're just jamming.


    "Lucky" however has an arc that would be hard to imagine scripting with just one person sitting alone in a room. The moves are satisfying and feel like they emerge from the chemistry between the players.


    Also, I can do without more velvety 70's funk, but I know those guys (and many of the fans) have fun with that side of things.

    The concert on youtube was amazing. Carl Broemel is rapidly moving up the favorit guitarist list.

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