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  1. 1. More... 2. Random Name Generator 3. Cry All Day 4. Someone To Lose 5. If I Ever Was A Child 6. Cold Slope 7. King Of You 8. Normal American Kids 9. The Joke Explained 10. Magnetized 11. We Aren't The World 12. You Satellite
  2. I like my Wilco albums to be growers. YHF, AGIB, SW and BT took some time to settle in for me and they are among my favorite Wilco albums now. I remember hearing TWL the first time and I remember telling a friend when I was 5 songs in that this is the best Wilco album I've ever heard. Now it's probably my least favorite. I think Schmilco is a grower. I don't understand it quite yet and that's a good thing. Songs that seemed weak upon the first listen (Quarters, Just Say Goodbye, Shrug and Destroy) are becoming my favorites. Only time will tell, but I have a feeling that Schmilco will be up in
  3. Sounds fine to me. Do you have a bad cable?
  4. 1. YHF 2. SBS 3. SW 4. BT 5. AGIB 6. TWL 7. ST 8. S 9. WTA 10. AM
  5. The only song on this album that I don't really like is Nope. For whatever reason it kind of reminds me of World Away and I happen to love that song. Kind of wish World Away was on Schmilco instead.
  6. I think you have to listen through headphones to pick up on the subtleties that he adds. If I Ever Was a Child, Locator, Safety Girl and Just Say Goodbye all have important parts from Mikael.
  7. I don't think this will ever happen. Spencer recording drums because he is available and Glenn is not doesn't mean anything at all. If anything, Spencer may become the full time drummer for Whitney. Julien, Whitney's singer/drummer, asked Spencer in an interview that if he ever wanted to just become a front man/guitarist for Whitney if Spencer would play drums and he agreed that he would.
  8. When I became a fan about 8 years ago, I listened to Wilco more than 70% of the time for maybe 3 years. I went through a pretty obsessive period of only listening to Wilco or Wilco related projects. Now they usually only come into heavy rotation when a new album comes out or I'm a month away from a show. Still love the band more than ever, and I still call them my favorite band, but I've been listening to a lot of new music lately.
  9. I received an e-mail from Wilco management today because there was a glitch in the Kung Fu store where myself and about ten others had access to download Schmilco for a period of time for those who had pre-ordered the album. They had asked that if I did get it to please not share it as they had worked so hard to make sure the in store listening party would be the first time the public heard the record. On one hand, I really really want to hear the new record and I'm bummed I didn't catch it before it was removed, but I ultimately felt that it was for the best as the day is really important
  10. I'm pretty sure the only time Wilco has ever sampled anything was in I Might. The intro is there on the demos, even mixed differently on one of them. I'm pretty sure it's just part of the song.
  11. They were at Pitchfork fest 3 months ago and they played a whole week of shows 10 months ago. I'm not sure where the year and a half comes from...
  12. The year is 2020, Wilco is hopefully still a band, hopefully starting a tour on their follow up to whatever album comes after Star Wars. The set consists of their usual live song grab bag spanning their catalog, and then surprisingly the guys treat the crowd to a Star Wars track they never play anymore. Which song is it? Since Star Wars dropped this summer, they haven't played a set without playing the entire album so the songs that they keep in their roster in a few years are anyone's guess. What songs from Star Wars are going to join the ranks with Handshake/Germany/Born Alone/IATTBYH/
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