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  1. Hi! I need two for Louisville if anyone has extras. Thanks if so!
  2. Have loved this band for almost two decades, since I was a very young child, and finally got to see them for the first time last night. Great show even though my seats were just okay and there was this six ft six guy two rows in front of me (and I'm five eleven on a good day). The encore was a particular treat as I used to bounce around my parents' dining room to the tune of Monday and Outtasite when I was about five or six or so. Only minor disappointment was that I would have loved Laminated Cat or an Uncle Tupelo song but hey man they can't just bust those out every night. Hope it doesn't
  3. Okay ready to hear this "south american spiders" everyone has been raving about for myself...
  4. I know, I'm so excited. Best part of moving to within a few hours of Chicago so far for sure
  5. It will be my first-ever Wilco show!! After having loved this band for almost twenty years (since the age of six or so, not kidding!)
  6. I'm live updating http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/wilco/2017/chicago-theatre-chicago-il-bf99d3a.html
  7. Enjoying it so far. I'll be there tomorrow night and so far I'd be pretty cool with getting this same setlist
  8. Same! Getting hyped for tomorrow's show!
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