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  1. This is so good. The version of Spiders is phenomenal
  2. Have you ever seen them play Spiders as intense as that? Jeff was SHREDDING it
  3. Me and a friend came over from the UK, we had an incredible time. Best was getting to meet first Glenn, then John, Pat and Nels in Courtyard D for Dawn of Midi's set. They were all so nice, especially Nels who talked to us for 20 minutes! He told us about the secret pop-ups so we got there early for Chikamorachi and Nels' set with his wife, which was fantastic! Hearing him sing was pretty cool. Then on Saturday we met Mikael watching Jeff Parker Trio, and then Nick Offerman too. Alas we couldn't hunt Mr Tweedy down but it was a pretty good haul of photos and chat with the band As for them pl
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