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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBTckzuxeWU
  2. wow... alone (shakin' sugar). i can't believe it. i don't think i've heard that live since lounge ax... maybe one of those park west shows. i'll have to look through my old cassettes to see if he played it there. amazing. i wonder if that was a subtle gesture/nod/tribute to jay. always loved that song -- in all of its incarnations.
  3. Jay's music, spirit, love, energy and legacy will not only live forever, but will grow with time. He has influenced more people and musicians than he ever knew (myself included). I only hope he knows now.
  4. hi everybody i'm going to be playing a lot of outdoor gigs soon, and every year i forget how frustrating it is to play the keyboards and not be able to see the lcd display because of the sun. i'm sure there is a very basic, simple way to fix this problem, but i haven't figured it out yet. any help / advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks, and have a great week!
  5. i had an easier time getting tickets to the rolling stones at the aragon ballroom. i am happier than anyone for wilco's continually growing success, but i really miss the days of standing in front of lounge ax and just handing over a twenty dollar bill at the door to see the band. oh well, you can't go back. good for them. i'll go put on my lounge ax t-shirt for good luck and hope for the best saturday. hope i have a better shot at pearl jam at the vic tomorrow.
  6. "souvenir" is a great song. i wish mccartney got as much credit and recognition for his more recent work as he deserves. maybe someday wilco/tweedy will have the same problem of living up to a couple of decades of brilliance. upon a few listens, i have to say that this music just "speaks" to me, for lack of a better way to put it. each new wilco album has drastic changes, new sounds, themes and vibes, but also seems to keep a little bit of what came before, while adding more elemets. this album is like "beauty rock" or something. it's truly an ALBUM, and not a bunch of songs (as all of
  7. it was amazing, and great to see them again, but doesn't it bother anyone, if ever so slightly, that jeff isn't in the band full-time? i know schedules and comittments make things difficult, but it just seems like the whole idea of golden smog was that they would get together when they could all get together for shows, even if it meant only a few shows a decade. i'm probably over-reacting, and it's probably been brought up a million times before, but it just takes a very small, almost imperceptible thrill out of the whole experience for me, knowing the other guys have been playing and buildi
  8. hey everybody -- i'm a musician who has been in bands for years. due to starting a master's degree, getting married and expecting a baby, i'm not able to play out as much as i used to, so i really want to get into recording. all my life, my recording has all been done in a studio with other people at the helm. i was always reluctant (stupid) to learn my way around the board, so i'm really ignorant about it all. so, my question is, what is a good way to start to get into recording at home? am i better off to get a stand alone multi-track or use a computer program? i guess to
  9. one ammendment: somehow, when i typed in the B in the bridge, it turned into a smile face with sunglasses on it. the smile face with sunglasses is a B chord. later
  10. hey -- i don't have much time to write it out, so i'll just kinda get you started, and someone (or i) can take it from there. randy newman does this one in Eb. the wilco version i played along to seemed to be in E. i'm not sure if they actually do it in E, if the recording is slightly off or (more than likely) my piano is out of tune. anyway (E) no one likes us i (E+) don't know why we (G#7) may not be perfect but (C#7) heaven knows we try but (Amaj9) all around even our (Am7) old friends put us down let's (E) drop the big one and (B7#5) see what (B13) happens.
  11. hey everybody, just wondering if there is anyone here who is a drummer or maybe a multi-instrumentalist, or if they know someone who is and might be interested in possibly joining a band in the chicago area. i'm gonna lose my drummer in a few weeks to an internet romance of all things, and i don't want to give up being in a band just yet. we aren't bound for fame or fortune, but we have a lot of fun and play out a lot. if anyone can help me out, i'd really appreciate it. my email is lennycarl1@yahoo.com. thanks.
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