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  1. Musicianship: Go look at The Last Waltz. Watch as some of the greatest artists of all time are humbled to be on the same stage. Watch as someone like Eric Clapton stands awestruck by Robbie Robertsons playing. Watch as 4 of 5 members take lead vocals and can be considered great front men in their own right. Watch. Learn.
  2. I am incredibly sorry to hear this news. Everyone suffers loss, but no one has found a way to make it easier in words or thoughts. All I can say is that I am incredibly sorry for your loss, Jeff and Family, it is an incredibly tough time but know that all of our thoughts are with you. I wish you best of luck getting through this time.
  3. What a a great show! Went with my friend Will, a live Wilco novice, and we both thought it was great. Great setting (reminded me of the SummerStage Central Park show of a few years ago) and a great crowd. Autumn Defense playing was a great treat. Most of the crowd was fabulous, a few talkers... but it's so great to hear Pat and John sing solo! Each have great voices, almost sad to have them lost in the whole Wilco thing. And the Autumn Defense feat. Wilco moment was great. Mikael came out after the others and was hilarious in his rock moves (as he was all night, by far takes the comedian award). Great set, kid of all over the place in my view, but again, great show.
  4. Awww.... breakup the love-fest... And yes, it really is a once in a lifetime chance... something to tell your kids when you're 60.
  5. I think I remember something like this conversation: Ron Cey: I wonder who's going to have the biggest "fan" moment, say something stupid. Me: I hope it's not me. Ron Cey: Me neither... Jazz Odyssey vs. Super Bowl Shuffle
  6. Hey now, I don't think Chris/Damon would appreciate that!
  7. I would just like to throw in, for good measure, that Ron Cey is an a**hole and that's why I abandoned him after the pee-break
  8. I must apologize for that, it was my second Spinal Tap joke of the night. First I told Jeff that that bread was too small for the meats, leading to pretty much the entire exchange from Spinal Tap, and then I requested Jazz Odyssey to which Jeff replied, "I think that was a jazz odyssey" It was so wonderful to meet all of you!!! Leigh and Edie, thank you so much for everything! Sara! It was great to meet you again, so funny we found each other again! Everyone, you are so nice, it was just simply amazing!
  9. "Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy" by Devo from their album "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!" Something about the way you taste Makes me want to clear my throat There
  10. "The High Heat" She wants to die Like people do. Shallow clicking Summer was sickening In that room. High in the heat A white, hot bee hive Well she doomed. She has a way To offer the sky. She stop sinking She thought she wasn
  11. "Livin' After Midnight" by Judas Priest on their album "British Steel" Living after midnight, rockin
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