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  1. Awesome show; up there for my favorite Wilco shows I've ever attended. The band sounds tight as always and the horns/strings add so much to the performance. Just amazing. I do appreciate how close to the album they're sticking, with only a few brief moments of extended outros and what not. Just a gripe - the crowd in my section was pretty rotten (Row Y, center orchestra); a lot of chatting during the show and just generally weird responses to songs. A guy and his partner were chatting through literally the entire set, ranging from Wilco related to work related to the trip home. Jus
  2. So frustrating that those region locks happen. If I had known that would be an issue, I would have pointed people towards a few good VPN services (either free ones or ones where a membership could be cancelled following listening to the broadcast, as to not get charged after a free trial). I was in the balcony last night, row A so I had an unobstructed view of the band. I kind of discovered that for the Chicago Theater, it's a bit safer sometimes to grab balcony seats if you're not in the pit or double lettered main floor sections. They sounded outstanding, I thought. Hearing Monday was a
  3. Some final Winterlude 2019 numbers...I could be off on some but I did my best to do this all via Excel. 48 different songs from the band catalog were performed over the four shows 18 songs were never repeated between nights: TheologiansI'm Always in LoveTomorrow Never KnowsI Am The WalrusCompany in my BackIf I Ever Was a ChildThe Joke ExplainedLaminated CatPassenger SideForget The FlowersHeavy Metal DrummerRed-Eyed and BlueI Got You (At The End of the Century)KameraHow To Fight LonelinessRadio CureMondaySpiders (Kidsmoke)
  4. Had a wonderful time at this one. Hard to believe Winterlude 2019 is coming to a close... Highlight for me was Radio Cure w/ SVE, honestly. Just an incredible performance. The set was just outstanding all the way through and up there for my favorite Wilco shows (on par with The Vic gig in 2011...) How can people be so awful during shows, though? There was a group of four dad-bros behind me who just wouldn't stop talking. Sometimes it was endearing stuff (a guy, who I assume either didn't know Wilco well or had never seen them live) would comment when a moment really knocked him on his ass
  5. I don't know, the R.E.M comment you mention is pretty harmless and I don't think it's so fair to knock them over that. The crowd definitely was kind of trash over on my end, though (Main Floor section 3R, Row MM). A group of women were consistently texting during the show, and one of their husbands decided that throughout the show it was a great time to have a reunion with friends? It was definitely odd seeing people greet one another, hug, and catch up during War on War. The husband also was on Wikipedia throughout the show? Strange.
  6. Hey all! Looking to sell this pair for $166 [what i paid for them!]. Seats are in Row H and have a great view of the stage. I had to purchase tickets for some friends coming in town and we couldnt find anything next to these two, thus making us all move to another section. -EDIT: TICKETS SOLD-
  7. This is where I'm landing with it also. I got into Wilco right around Sky Blue Sky and so far this is their most interesting record since A Ghost is Born to me. It feel cohesive and whole to me, and a lot of it has to do with the common themes in it's production I think...some electronics, subtle key tones, how pronounced the drums are in some of the tracks. It could just be hype but after a few listens, I'm really in love with this one. Quiet Amplifier is such an incredible track.
  8. Very happy to be attending my first Chicago Wilco gig in QUITE a while (last Chicago show was the Vic one in 2011!!). Out of curiosity, how is the balcony section? I was able to score tickets for the opening and closing nights of the Winterlude and am ranging from 2L (one section from the left?) Row H and then 3R (three sections from the right?) row B. I'm just happy to see Wilco and fortunately have started to feel okay with not being front row center for gigs. I'm going to try to score tickets for floor soon as well, I think.
  9. Hey all! I forgot my login info for my old account so here I am... I'm looking for two tickets for either the Monday or Wednesday Winterlude shows in the pit or main floor (any of the AA-PP seats, or A-E or so). I know this is a hard find and pretty unlikely, but a friend of mine is hoping to see Wilco for his first time and I want him to be able to have a spot relatively close. Before diving into the scalper market, I was hoping someone here could help me out. I'm willing to pay a bit over face if necessary, but I'm not trying to break the bank or anything on these. Thanks a ton for taking
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