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  1. I’ve eagerly been awaiting the return of Bright Leaves!!
  2. Thanks for the write up. It was my 14th show and my first being so close - didn’t get the rail, but one row back in the center. I thought all the other bands were good; I really enjoyed Chicago Farmer. I’m a happy man anytime I get to see ALTWYS live!
  3. I thought the sound quality was great. Mix was totally dialed in from the start. The harmonies sounded great. The parking was way better at the fall show with the drive in’s curved rows. But the weather was so much better last night, so it’s a fair trade
  4. The song Jeff and Spencer tried and abandoned on 1/28 was "I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight" by Richard & Linda Thompson. I hope they work it out and play it on a later show because it's a great song!
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