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  1. Tickets sold already? I tried sending a PM, but this newfangled phone technology confuses me sometimes. Okay, a lot.
  2. I had no idea that the scalpers were going to bogart this show. I'd planned on going down to the theater on Monday to avoid the TicketBastard fees, but M.Chris told me via FB status that I'd missed the boat. If anyone knows any legit ticket sources, please let me know! I need two. Message me or email at ebelden@boulevard.com. I can sweeten the deal with beer! Thanks! Fakeliz P.S. I had no idea how easy it is to post on VC with a phone. Oh, I am going to be using this a lot...
  3. Nickel Creek has maintained a steady position at/near the top of my Favorite Bands list for almost 5 years now. I can absolutely understand why they would take a break from their current status, but I am still sad to see them end. (And now that I'm actually employed for real, I guarantee that a few of my sick days next year will be spent seeing a show or several at the end of their run.) From my naive and foolishly optimistic fangirl point of view, this seems like a temporary thing. Right? Maybe? I can see the hiatus lasting a few years, perhaps, but I want to believe that they enjoy playing
  4. M. Chris and I just returned from seeing this. Loved it. (And happily sat through the credits with DeVotchKa and Sufjan!) I remember watching Steve Carell perform point-counterpoint bits on the Daily Show with Stephen Colbert. And now look at him... I mean, the expression on his face when Sheryl picked him up from the hospital was just heartwrenching. Excellent acting all around in this film. Favorite line (among many) -- Frank: You were snorting heroin? Grandpa: I'm old!
  5. Ordained in the land o' beer. It's a good feeling. In other news, I just finished housesitting at the home of my lab boss. She lives on a lake. I was only there for three days, but it felt longer than that. The septic system backed up and flooded the downstairs bathroom. Her irritating little dog crapped on the floor (twice). The same irritating little dog also howled when I wasn't petting him, howled when I put him in his pen for the night, and spent a solid hour each evening licking the leather couch. Oh, and worst of all, the lake is a 45-minute drive from the city (on my all-time lea
  6. Announcement: I have just been offered a full-time laboratory position at the Boulevard Brewing Company. (This has been a long time hoping.) All you kids planning on a Kansas City visit -- beers are on me!
  7. I can't remember. Lemme go check. Yep! Fraoch! YUM. And now we're drinking green beer (Pale Ale) that I pulled off the pallet today. Not so great. (But give it two weeks to finish bottle conditioning...) Next: our seasonal lager (Bob's '47). No bottle conditioning necessary. Immediate deliciousness = priceless!
  8. Me too. Drinking... other things... etc. Off to discuss the major thematic differences between Sweet Charity and Nights of Cabiria.
  9. I'm a bad influence. I took three friends around work today and got them a bit drunk. Now that I'm home, I have insisted that M. Chris and I sample all the grand Scottish beers that my friend brought back from vacation. We're currently drinking a heather ale. Before this was an ale flavored with coriander, and after this is an IPA. Followed by a canned brew containing a special "widget." (A widget. What a word.) Hooray for a six-hour buzz!
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heart you.
  11. Me too! Cheers to not being a fairweather fan. To celebrate the end of the break, I believe I'll go to the Royals game on Tuesday and get a complimentary Buck O'Neil jersey-style Monarchs t-shirt.
  12. I bet you're smarter, though. In other news, I had to wear heels today at work, and now both my legs ache. Going from Merrells to Target-bought dress shoes was not a pleasant change of pace. Ouch.
  13. It is entirely too hot here today. (P.S. Anyone who disputes "it's not the heat, it's the humidity" is more than welcome to hang out next to my car on the parking garage roof while I'm at work tomorrow.)
  14. There's a bigot on the Kansas City Star's editorial board.
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