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  1. A lot better than the tool J. R. Taylor preview of the show. He rips almost every show in town espeically at my friends venue the BottleTree. I just finished downloading the show. I will keep it up at least a week.
  2. In response to the encore question Jeff Tweedy said: "I smile the smile of a sweetly retarded man"
  3. To help the healing process here is Acuff Rose. Sorry I don't have the software to edit it and flip it off its side. The reason I took so many pictures was so few were coming out any good without the flash. Only about 10 of them were worth a shit. I did shoot all the pictures holding the camera down by my stomach after the girl behind me asked me too. Anyways hope you enjoy the video.
  4. I feel like a complete ass. I am so sorry about the beeping camera. I didn't realize it till after the show when the taper pointed it out to me. I am so sorry. I had a few too many drinks and was too chatty with the banter also. Too many drinks is no excuse for my behavior. I sincerly apologize for ruining the taping of the show. If someone would have asked me to turn of the beeping sound (which I guess I didn't really pay attetion too before) I would have turned it off or stop taking pictures. I am truely sorry. I feel like a complete jack ass.
  5. FYI...The poster is now available at the Wilco store. There are a couple of MP3s of the show on my friend's Blog. This is by far one of the best recordings I have heard in a while. If anyone wants a B&p of it let me know.
  6. I wonder if Trixie will live after being shot.
  7. I just realized there was no bacon at this morning free breakfast buffet.
  8. Aren't yous guys too old to be watching teh Mtv?
  9. I transfered to a new college because I had to take a class that had something to do with the Yanomamo at the old one.
  10. Maybe Tweedy saw his I heart W shirt and that was all he could take.
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