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  1. check this out...incredible he was able to come back and try it again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_8DT_W0syE
  2. I attached the stage setlist. It differs just a little but not much towards the end. Jeff at the edge of the stage playing "someone elses song" with no amp was such a great moment. crowd policed themselves great during this also. Its amazing to see a band where almost every song is a highlight...unbelievable.
  3. "Best place in the world to play" I was floating the whole show. These guys are such pro's. Blood on the Lamb was so perfect for the venue. John (bass player) sang a beautiful number on acoustic while Jeff played bass. They said it was a fitting song for the venue and they were right. Not much banter tonight "so we can play as many songs as possible". Jeff thanked the crowd for their encouragement while he played harmonica. He asked if they had seen anything good on TV lately(reference to snl of course). It was just completely solid as you would expect from this band and the venue/setting help
  4. thanks for the feedback. I went for a work trip but we were there over a weekend so we set out on a Saturday morning . We had breakfast in Germany, lunch in Italy and dinner in Austria. Quite a day trip. another funny note is the 3 man band playing acoustic in the video was in Bolzano Italy and they were playing 'Sweet Home Alabama' which is where we are from. It was quite surreal.
  5. I went this month...song fit perfectly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwjnafzlS_w
  6. Holy shit balls this recording is pure fire. Excellent job. So clear and clean. Don't hesitate to download this gem.
  7. the b'ham show is up on etree and its flying
  8. b'ham show just got posted on etree!!
  9. great job dude...its flying right now...I will leave mine up seeding for awhile. here is a story from the b'ham news on the show http://www.al.com/entertainment/birmingham....xml&coll=2
  10. sounds like another great show with a killer cover taboot taboot Impossible Germany would be good to hear solo
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