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  1. Hey everyone, I just updated my Wilco poster list with real pictures and prices if anyone is interested in checking it out. There are about 175 different Wilco posters on there. http://wilcoposters.weebly.com/ Thanks! Ted
  2. I'm selling Wilco posters that I've collected over the years. Below is a description for many of the posters as well as a link to the site with pictures of the posters. Let me know which posters you are interested in and I will get you pricing information. Shipping is $8 per order. Chicago residents can make local pickups in Lincoln Square to save on shipping. Thanks, Ted theodorerice@gmail.com *Sorry about the small pictures on the site. I've got all of the posters (stored flat) in my apartment and would be happy to take and email actual pictures of anything you're interested in. http://wil
  3. Mayfly, I received the same email about tickets that I purchased for row CCC in the pit. They moved us back to row DDD and gave us the same seat numbers. The tickets arrived on Monday. It's only one row back, so I'm not that upset about it, but it just seems strange that I purchased tickets in a particular row and they have the power to go back on that transaction and move me to a different row. Like I said, it's no problem, but weird nonetheless.
  4. The cars, the bars, the moonshine in mason jars the sex and the Dexitrim swung from the jungle gym and Jane, you're lame, the cocaine's for teenagers the Bud and the Benzedrine, fucked with the fog machine on and on in the breaking dawn - Sangre de Stephanie Don't bother talking to the guys with their hot soft eyes you know they're already taken Don't even speak to all those sequin-surfed beach boys when they kiss they spit white noise -First Night
  5. It looks like they found some and it's for sale again in the Store. WILCO STORE LINK
  6. Wilco Ticketmaster Site for Charleston Show C'est vrai? Oh yes. Must be the SNL thing.
  7. Not so good. I passed on some pretty decent Orch 1 and 2 tickets yesterday thinking that at 10 they might open some more Pit tickets and of course the first tickets I pulled at 10 were way in the back. I'm hoping they will release some more tickets in the next couple of days as they did with the presale. But congrats to everyone who made out well. I'm sure it will be fantastic.
  8. I agree. I also think Ryan's setlists are uninspiring. He doesn't build the energy or do anything to get the crowd into the show. I think Wilco does this masterfully. When Ryan played Charleston a couple of weeks the crowd was finally getting into the show and standing up after about an hour and a half of sitting and how did Ryan respond? He told us all to sit down....so, we did. Thanks.
  9. "They paid to upload and download music, some of it not yet released by record companies." That's some pretty inaccurate journalism.
  10. Artists Nillson, Gladys More Year: 2004 Run: 175 Technique: Screen Print Size: 23 X 35 Markings: Signed & Numbered
  11. They were both done by Heroes and Villains who I think is a guy named Mike Weihs. If you go to gigposters.com and look up his name you can get his email address and ask if there are any more. Good luck.
  12. I had a great time at the show as well, but it seemed that the volume was a little low. Did anyone else feel the same? I know they have to be careful in the area as it is residential, but I was really close and thought it was soft, I can't imagine that it would sound that great from the back of the venue. Nevertheless, it was a blast and was well worth my cell phone getting fried from the water that accumulated in my pocket. (I needed a new one anyway)
  13. I liked Weezer's mention of Green Day in El Scorcho. "How cool is that?"
  14. Looks like one just went up on ebay. Ebay Listing
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