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  1. I've got tickets for my wife, son and I to see the Wilco/Sleater Kinney show in Atlanta in August. I've been expecting it to be postponed again, but after yesterday's festival announcement for August, I'm starting to get really excited that it may happen. It'll be my 11 year old's first Wilco show and we've got great 10th row seats. He's listened to both of Jeff's audiobooks, and countless episodes of the Tweedy Show during the pandemic, so I think he's going to really love it. I'm fully vaxxed, too, and that's the only firm tickets I'm holding onto but I'm itching fo
  2. Mods please feel free to delete if this isn't ok. https://mega.nz/file/dts2lYJY#iRV5hJlS8uyKwVwxDnaEgHm9WmkGierWMbEozai0g9w
  3. I set a calendar reminder to cancel in a few weeks. I feel like they deserve $9.99 for the Tweedy show and I'm hopeful they have at least one more show I want to watch in the next month, but I'm definitely not thinking it's worth sticking with the service.
  4. I got audio and video recorded. Like mentioned above, there were a few dropouts near the end. Not sure my setup is the best, I used Camtasia on a Mac to record it, but if nothing shows up soon I'll share my recordings.
  5. Yes, the venue manager Tom goes over every order and flags and cancels anything suspicious on sold out shows.. Apparently because my Ticketmaster address was in Georgia, I was assumed to be a re-seller. I'm in a Wilco FB group and so many people with addresses outside of TN had their orders canceled. FYI, I had to re-purchase my seats as will call only. Plus it'll be 7-10 days before I'm refunded for the first (canceled) pair of tickets.
  6. Call 865-684-1200 and hit 2 to go to the box office and they'll take care of you.
  7. Great, I'll report back if I hear from him, as well. I followed up with an email, too. His address is pretty easy to find on the Bijou website if you're interested.
  8. I just got an email from Ticketmaster saying my tickets were canceled at the request of the Bijou Theater. There was a name and number to call at the Bijou Theater for more info and I've called and left a voicemail but I'm assuming I'm screwed as this point.
  9. Last row in the balcony, but I'm in the building for Knoxville.
  10. The two albums I've listened to more than anything else this year are: Amanda Shires - To The Sunset Post Malone - Beerbongs & Bentleys.
  11. Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center, right? I have nothing to add other than I work right by there and have been watching them build it. Buddy of mine has tickets to see Taj Majal there soon and I'm looking forward to getting the lowdown. Hoping they get more shows of this caliber because it'll be great to go straight from work in the suburbs to a good show vs having to fight the traffic to get downtown.
  12. I thought it was an amazing show and I'm so glad everybody stood. I was in the 1st row for Isbell a few months back at the Fox and was forced by security to sit, so everyone immediately standing was a nice relief for us. Banter corner included Jeff calling out a "rich guy" sitting in the front row constantly on his "four phones making drug deals" while his wife stood and enjoyed the show. "If you see something, say something, and this guy on his four phones has to be making drug deals." Band was incredibly tight and I thought the set list was pretty much perfect. I hadn't seen Wilco sinc
  13. My wife and I just locked in a babysitter for this show. There are mediocre seats still available from the Fox, but I figured it was worth a shot to see if any VC'ers had extras they needed to get rid of first. Hit me up here or at hesterthe13th@yahoo.com
  14. Yeah, I was pretty stoked when it came across my desk.
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