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  1. Ive heard Jason's solo album, and it's fuckin' great!
  2. I thought the same thing about lastnight.
  3. http://s55.photobucket.com/albums/g159/gre...=JeffTweedy.flv
  4. Oh everybody was very respectful. Nobody really said a word. Jeff asked everyone to clap during Jesus etc.., and they did it again here, but other than that it was a great show.
  5. http://s55.photobucket.com/albums/g159/gre...=JeffTweedy.flv Sorry I had to change that link.
  6. The funny part about that was when that girl was trying to Jeff her handle. He said something to the affect of "Oh so that was you". My friend got a video of Acuff-Rose on her digital camera, but I dont know how the sound is on it.
  7. Where is the order??? Great Show!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe The Tabernacle shuted the fuck up!
  8. Whoever started this list is the most transsexual (sp?) person in the world! I bet it was a preacher!
  9. It was shut down a few weeks ago, but i popped back up with the vooodeedoo in the url. I have a feeling it will keep surfacing.
  10. STREAM ALMOST ANY ALBUM Remember this site has three servers so try to check each one for what you're looking for. http://www.leantop.com/ One almost like it. http://cdzinc.com/cdzinc.html TV Madness http://tvlinks.voodeedoo.org/index.html
  11. Go to the online Apple store, and look at their refurbished prices. They have all been checked out, and have the same one year warrenty for half the price.
  12. Me too ! I remember braking the VHS .
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