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  1. I saw Yes on their Tales of Topographic Oceans tour. Boring, self indulgent, and did not rock. I fell asleep at the show.
  2. Great interview. His description of how drugs made him feel seems very honest and truthful without hiding the issue.. I have heard people who were addicted say they always felt that they were just a "quart low" of whatever and taking the drug made them feel normal rather than "high".
  3. I was in college in Atlanta in 1970's. One night, we heard that Cowboy, a group out of Macon was playing on Peachtree at The Electric Ballroom. Tommy Talton and Scott Boyer were the key members and wrote "Please be with Me" with Duane on Dobro. They also played on Laid Back. We got a front table, had dinner and drinks ( legal at 18 back then), and enjoyed the show. After a few songs, they introduced "some friends" and the Allman Brothers took the stage, minus Dickie. What happened for the next 3 plus hours was unbelievable. At one point, they were jamming to You Don't Love Me and at a somewh
  4. Damn straight... I also really enjoy his later work. More jump blues and jazz with Magic Dick and some work with Duke Robillard. What's sad is that one reaches an age when your friends, classmates, and heroes start to pass. And I do not mean 27..
  5. Lynyrd Skynyrd opened for The Who at the Omni in Atlanta, 1973 (maybe 1974). They played an encore. I was in college in Atlanta then and many of us had heard Skynyrd on local radio and had familiarity but had not seen them. The Who were great but had issues with all the Quadrophenia recorded tapes during the show. Read later that the 2 groups competed nightly for best performance. Hard to believe Skynyrd used to play in front of a giant confederate flag.
  6. Wow. Hell of a response. Glad to see such wonderful discussion and civility. You will never agree but you guys have anger issues with those that you disagree with. That shit is what turned off so many people this election. Have a nice life.
  7. Are you guys ignoring the anti-Trump protests, beatings, calls for assassinations that are happening around the country? An American flag is somehow a sign of racism? As a Hispanic and naturalized American, I find it more offensive that you guys think I need safe spaces. I have read this column for a long time and every once in awhile participated in the discussion, usually stopping after being called ignorant, racist, Islamaphobe, etc. And yet you guys are offended by Trump signs and the flag? Maybe that type of thinking is exactly why Clinton lost. I think Kevin has it right. There has to
  8. Kevin, I kind of enjoy this column. I don't agree with you but I enjoy reading your thoughts. I am not ignorant. The video was clearly done to sway people. Maybe I should have said they are nuts instead of you. I don't think my response was offensive but take it as you may. Have a nice day.
  9. Kevin, you are nuts if you think a video made by Hollywood progressives is going to make undecideds go "Gee, I think I will vote for Hillary". People voting for Trump look at it as a big middle finger to progressives, elites, wall street, career politicians ,who have steered the country in the wrong (as they/I perceive) direction. The more these people shrill on about racist islamaphobes, the more likely it is they vote for Trump instead of Gary Johnson. Hillary is not a consideration.
  10. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy both albums. I am disappointed in that after a few listens, I go back to the tried and true. I do like SBS a lot, too. Maybe disappointed is too strong a word. Maybe my expectation that every album from the band I love so much will be a top 100 all time record is counterproductive. Maybe I just need to experience the new songs live. The other possibility ,which I am dreading facing, is that after a certain age, one experiences music differently. Too damn early to get philosophical.
  11. I agree with Junior. I have read comments from the board about SW and S. After several takes, I am disappointed. Frankly, there is a dearth of melody and has been for some time. Just my 2 cents worth. I listen and enjoy (somewhat) the newer material but I wind up listening to Being There through AGIB.
  12. I have been to many great concerts. The Who in 1973. Allman Brothers before that. Wilco many times. I am only going with one, however. 1972, Chicago. I was in Chicago for a forensics summer program at Northwestern. One Saturday we were bused to supposedly a Melanie concert. You old guys may remember her. However, she had canceled. Instead, they booked Howling Wolf. We were all in HS and really stupid. We had never heard of this guy. Stupid jokes. The Wolf comes on and just kills it. Past his prime but , God, what a concert. The band, unreal. Much of it he was sitting with a hankie and the micr
  13. I guess it depends on your perspective. I have been on this board for awhile and have been referred as racist, islamaphobe, rube etc. The level of smugness here is pretty unreal. I also find it absurd that you insist the republican party has been hijacked by the alt-right. This is coming from a party of Obama, Clinton, and Bernie. There are no moderate Democrats left. Kennedy would not be in your party today. Neither would LBJ. I think many are fed up with Washington, backroom deals, lies, and empty rhetoric regardless of party, political background, or social status. Trump/ Sanders have a
  14. I agree with Doug. However, if he had protested Lee Greenwood's Proud to be an American, I might have cheered him. Not because of the sentiment of the song, which I agree with, but as a cynical, cliched attempt to revive a previously shitty career by a hack.
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