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  1. Wilco just announced to play this. Expect them to turn up to some UK festivals around the same time.
  2. Any word on an upload for either of the dublin shows? Not sure where to ask about it.
  3. Any word on this being uploaded? Didn't want to start a new thread to ask about it!
  4. John looks like the older brother from malcolm in the middle. true story
  5. Damn i waited til now to check... can't wait for this.
  6. I too can still feel it. It was a truly great gig, t
  7. That's a little harsh, how many people in here or wilco fans or any other fans for that matter would have turned down his place? I'm sure it was extremely annoying for you, but you could still hear what was happening, i hope ir didn't ruin an amazing gig for you, t
  8. I believe you were sitting to my right!
  9. No worries, if you send the guy a message on youtube i'm sure he'll answer you! How did you end up standing there? Vicar street friends in high places?
  10. For Burt. Not my video... http://youtube.com/watch?v=PQ2WKSp5gjk
  11. Shouters rarely piss me off, but the ones at wilco shows do, it's either a) i'll say something smart and jeff will acknowledge me, how cool am i? People love me and think i'm really funny - no we don't please fuck off. or i'll make a demeaning put down and try and provoke a negetive reaction. Seriously why come at all. True there are genuinely funny moments but they are generally not worth the perpetual shouts of boring individuals looking for there few seconds. Don't get me stated on the Jesus Etc-ers...
  12. For the record dude, you do look like Mr. Bacharach! Great spot i was quite jealous of you all evening, more so after Jeff had his chat with you. I figured you were some form of security.
  13. I rarely post. Last night was the best gig i have ever been to. I'm 27. I've seen alot of amazing shows. I'll hopefully see alot more amazing shows. If some of them come close to that i'll be happy. To everyone that was there i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did. Highlights- Casino Queen for the energy and the other side- On and on and on. Simply beautiful. Thanks Wilco.
  14. You're a little bit off, the last wilco headline gig in Ireland was in Whelans in 98 (i think) i know they played oxegen a couple of years back but that hardly counts. In the opposite of the OP i'd love to see them at a huge venue with loads of fans ( and be right up the front) Wilco are not that well known in Ireland as stated above but there's a good few fans, I'd say both nights will sell out relatively quick, t
  15. well seated tickets for one according to a friend (prob 14) i'd say you'll get tickets for a good while yet...
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