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Help get the monkey out of my brain

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I got a song stuck in my head... can anyone PLEASE tell me what song Jeff is playing on the DVD shortly after his "interview" with Fericito (I think... haven't watched it in a while, but its definately when he starts his solo performances, perhaps in San Fran?)-- the lyrics include something like "...its not even half as nice as you/set my sight on one whispery kiss..." I can't for the life of me recall it, and I keep playing it in my head over and over.

Also, if anyone has lyrics (hence my post in this area) could you please post them as well?


Thanks a TON. My therapist thanks you as well.

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They have to get the rights to every song that appears in the movie even if it's just a snippet, so I would check the end credits of the DVD for stuff that's not familiar and Google the results.


So as I was suffering from insomnia last night, I decided to take my own advice. I didn't know the song, but I checked the credits and the one song I didn't recognize was called "Whispery Kiss" by Jeff Tweedy. Interestingly enough though, BMI lists the writers as Jeffrey Scot Tweedy and Jay W Bennett:


BMI Listing for Whispery Kiss


I'm not sure if this was helpful at all, but at least it's a start.



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