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Suggestions for Naming Threads in After the Show

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Just suggestions, not mandatory, but to make things easier for the casual browser:


Put the artist name in the thread title! If there's no artist name, I know we can all assume that it's Wilco :stunned , but sometimes it's Jeff Tweedy, or a side project, or some other group altogether. This is especially helpful when people are using the search function later. Let's say I'm searching for a Jeff Tweedy solo show from a couple of years ago where he played "Mountain Bed". I might search in ATS for the word "mountain", and come up with a list of threads with just dates and locations. Having the specific artist name in the thread title would be really helpful there, to sort out which threads to explore further.


Try to put the city, as well as the name of the venue, in the title or sub-title. Saying that a show was at the Fillmore doesn't help if they've played at the Fillmore in Denver as well as the one in San Francisco on the same tour. I'd say the city is probably more important than the venue name, but I like having the venue name in there too, it adds a little flavor if nothing else. :)


I also like to see a short description, if it's a special show of some sort: "living room show", "benefit for Kawasaki fund", etc.


I know most of this information can be found on Wilcobase too, but it just seems handier to me to have all the information in the thread title.




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DeFazio, do you mean thread titles like this:


Wilco 04/21/2006

Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ


Jeff Tweedy April 5, 2008 - Letters To Santa Living Room Show

at Erin's in Winnetka, IL

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We do, but it just seemed more helpful to me to suggest some standard naming practices for future threads, rather than having the mods go in and change the titles every time there's a tour. And again, no big whoop, we'll all figure it out from the thread if it comes to that, it's mostly just for the sake of folks who like to browse a little more quickly, rather than read every thread.

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Is it possible to also put in the title who was standing near you during the show, whether Jeff saw you in the crowd, how clean the bathrooms were and what kind of beer was on tap?
Particularly the part about the bathrooms....



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