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Big Star/Chilton-related songs

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If you have good tab/chords for the following, I would appreciate it:

"Nighttime" (Big Star)

"The Ballad of El Goodo" (Big Star)

"Thank You Friends" (Big Star)

"Downs" (Big Star)

"The Letter" (Box Tops)

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If you get a good one for Thank You Friends, post it here. I couldn't get it to sound right, especially the intro.


Just happen to have my guitar handy so here's the intro as best I can figure out using a youtube clip:




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Awesome dude! Thanks!!!


While you're at it, can you take a stab at "Just A Kid"? And if it's in a weird tuning, can you fake it in standard tuning? I hate tuning the guitar in standard tuning so songs in alternate tunings are non starters for me. I know, bad attitude. I probably need more guitars.

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