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Laminated Cat Tab?

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I think he plays in open D, but it works easy enough in drop D.


Use D, G, and A as needed.


Main riff, low D slide up to 4th fret then hit the higher D string......


I forgot where the more discordant chord in the jam out ending on the Loose Fur version is.



It's a pretty easy tune.

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First of I threw this together pretty quick because I'm lazy so if this makes no sense let me know and I'll put more time into it.

So it is tuned to DADADD and the whole thing is basically going in between these chords:


D9 - 000320


D - 000540


Dsus2? - 000750


D2 (it really is just D but for tabbing purposes we will call it D2) - 000970



Intro -









Play that twice and you kind of strum back and forth between the D9 chord and the sliding on the low D, if you listen you can hear it.


Then the main part of the solo is


D2 Dsus2 D x 2


D2 Dsus2 D D9 D (This is the part where he strums really fast) D2 Dsus2 D D9


The rest of this is just shifting in-between the chords whatever sounds right to you. No two versions of this song are the same so the middle stuff is hard to tab out. I hope this helped. If you want further clarification or have questions just let me know. What a great song!

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