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NFF 2018 -- Advice for a Rookie?

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I'm attending the Newport Folk Festival later this month.  It's my first NFF. We're flying into Boston from Chicago on Friday morning, renting a car and are staying about 30 minutes outside of Newport.  I've scoured the fest's web page and old NFF thread on this board, but would appreciate any morsels of advice and wisdom you are willing to share.  Should I bring chairs?  Do they sell/rent them on site?  Can you bring your own food and water into the festival grounds?   Should I drive to Newport, park and take the ferry each day?   Anyone done the bus from Middletown?  Any helpful hints would be appreciated.  Thanks.    

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you can bring low chairs but the center part of the main stage is a chair-free zone. harbor and quad stages have chairs. i don't think rental chairs are available.

i think you can bring in food and water but no alcohol or glass. this should be on the FAQ for the NFF site?
daily parking is $20 and there are shuttle buses that run from the various lots to the festival site. otherwise, it's a decent walk but not too long (well, long if you've got a couple of chairs and a cooler with you).

if you do drive, the earlier the better as your time getting out is shorter. no lie, the 2015 festival took me nearly 45 min to move my car.

the water taxi is convenient but be prepared for a giant line getting out.

i don't know about the bus.


have fun! this is the first NFF i am missing since Wilco played the Friday night show a few years back (Sleep and Radiohead are higher on my priority list and they are playing Boston Sat and Sun). 

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