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Jeff Tweedy — 22 May 2019, Brisbane, Australia (The Powerhouse)

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Jeff's second show on his Australian tour took him to the Queensland capital of Brisbane. A lovely, fairly intimate all seated venue (700 or so capacity), set on the river in a fairly quiet inner city suburb, i'm pretty sure the venue took its name from the fact it used to a power station once upon a time (guessing, but it definitely had that structure).


The show kicked off with the same 3 songs as Sydney, before we got a lovely version of One Sunday Morning, which I was not expecting, and was met with cheers from the crowd (and possibly a 'woo'). 


We got our first lengthy Jeff chat after I Am Trying To Break Your Heart. "How is everyone tonight? I was in Sydney the other night and people were freaked out there were chairs, that place doesn't normally have chairs, anyway... fuck that place man. They'd never seen chairs before, it was weird... but I can't see any of you so you could be all the same people, how would I know?" At this point I stayed quiet - Jeff or his people if you're reading this, yes there's at least 2 of us following you around! Regarding the Sydney comment, apparently the Metro theatre is not normally a seated venue (it was my first time being there) - the front section had temporary seats put in and the back half was GA standing. It did seem to ruffle a few feathers that there were seats, which clearly got back to Jeff. Me, I was happy for the seat! 


Jeff then said people usually yell how is he doing but no one did, so apparently no one cares how he's doing, which of course led to people yelling out how he's doing. In the end we got his response that he was ok. Someone then yelled out would he like a chair which got a big laugh. Jeff then said no, they're stupid  :D


You and I was prefaced by this is a sweet love song for my wife, she hates it. He then went onto tell the same story he told in Sydney about his New Zealand writers conference, and the crossroads story about when he was in Uncle Tupelo (see Sydney for the whole story). It didn't get quite the same loud laughter it got in Sydney but still got a good laugh.


Before Don't Forget someone yelled out 'Happy goth day', which Jeff interpreted first as golf (damn Queensland accents!) before saying he didn't believe that was a thing. Then he said, anyway here's a song about my father's funeral which got a big laugh.


After that, Jeff encouraged audience singing, to which someone yelled out there's a sign outside saying no singing (there wasn't). And Jeff said '' and i thought you were just dicks"  :D He then said he wanted us to sing, and started California Stars and after some cheering said "i feel like i just sunk a putt!"


Truth be told it wasn't great singing, the guy next to me singing the harmony along with Jeff (sorry dude you were a bad singer, but you were enthusiastic!). 


After Passenger Side there were a lot of audience requests being yelled out, particularly for Gun, but Jeff said it was too hard to sing and made a face. He then said this is the part of the show where audiences realised the song they came to hear probably wasn't getting played and they need to get counselling.


HMD, Impossible Germany and ITMWLY then closed out the set, and the inevitable yelling and cheering got Jeff back for a fun singalong on Late Greats, before once again closing with Acuff-Rose.


Another really enjoyable show, though I felt the Sydney show was stronger only because the audience wasn't yelling out weird random things like they did here (well, it is Queensland after all I guess!) which Jeff seemed quite bemused by at times. Sydney seemed to flow better, with wonderful audience singalongs - here everyone was, well, let's say off key. Case in point, the guy next to me tried to do the high parts in HMD quite loudly, which Jeff could hear and had to stop himself from laughing. But still no complaints, I thought it was still a great show.


Back to my home state now for 3 shows in 3 days, with the wonderful Meeniyan Town Hall next. Bring it on!


On stage 9pm, off stage 10:35pm.


Via Chicago

Bombs Above

Some Birds

One Sunday Morning

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

New Madrid

Having Been Is No Way To Be

You And I

I Know What It's Like


Ashes Of American Flags

Don't Forget

California Stars

Jesus, etc

Let's Go Rain

Passenger Side

Heavy Metal Drummer

Impossible Germany

I'm The Man Who Loves You



Late Greats


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Great recap! 


Another stellar report sir! Congrats for One Sunday Morning - that’s excellent.
Perhaps the Nova will show up soon... y’all need a good acoustic panic attack down there.


Do you think there's time to mail your sign??

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