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A couple albums short of Top Ten

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I was thinking today about bands I absolutely love, but don't think of being a Top 10, all time favorite. Mostly because they either didn't release enough albums, or they only released a couple good ones, and/or changed members and got worse etc. I guess with artists like Neil Young, Wilco, Bob Dylan, The Kinks etc, it's hard to compete if you have a smaller catalogue.


Here are a few of my favorites, who aren't quite my favorites because they suffer from this situation:









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This changes day by day. Especially as I discover new artists that I become obsessed with for a while. Are they going to be top ten? No? Just a short term obsession or a long time favorite?

I don't know!!!


Albums are easier to rank than bands.

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I guess, if I am to make any attempt at this, I should first create a top 10:

  1. Tom Zé
  2. The Beatles
  3. Guided By Voices
  4. The Kinks
  5. Nick Lowe
  6. Brian Eno
  7. Yo La Tengo
  8. XTC
  9. Neutral Milk Hotel
  10. Big Star


And then, I suppose:

  • Prince
  • Shrimp Boat
  • REM
  • The Ramones
  • Parliament
  • Television
  • Jenny Lewis/Rilo Kiley
  • The Roches
  • Roky Erickson
  • Uncle Tupelo
  • Wilco
  • Blur
  • Talking Heads
  • ©
  • Wire

and a bunch more that I will probably remember later.


FYI: None of these are in any particular order, and they may all change 5 minutes from now.

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