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Wilco - 10 November 2019, Columbus, OH (Palace Theatre)

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After Cincy the night before, the crowd was much more tame causing Jeff to remark several times throughout the show. First, to comment on how someone had been tased at the show last night so that's where the bar was set and the crowd would need to put in a lot of work to obtain a similar level. Then after Love is Everywhere or Box Full of Letters, he likened himself to David Lee Roth and mentioned how he wasn't a great frontman but they had finished all the songs with lamentations and sad songs so the people who had stood for the previous song could remain standing or not, sitting was fine as well. He mentioned the rest of the songs were happier if you didn't pay attention to the lyrics. He continued that David Lee Roth would have handled the situation in exactly the same manner with the same verbiage, repeating the lamentation portion. Towards the end, he commented he thought there were some real sickos in the audience even if the majority were well-behaved (in reference to several attendees who had been standing and cheering loudly the entire time) but led into it much subtler so it wasn't offensive and drew even more cheers.


Earlier on in the show, someone shouted, "Good job," causing Jeff to comment they really needed the individualized praise and quipped they were doing an above average job. Later, someone praised Glenn in a similar fashion and Jeff asked if Glenn had heard it. When Glenn responded that he hadn't, Jeff repeated the fan's comment and told the audience that Glenn was busy listening to the radio so he doesn't hear everything, then elaborated he had the game on.


They did the faux encore break before or after I'm The Man Who Loves You. If you include the "Nothing" as part of the sentences before they start repeating, I counted 34 total, otherwise I believe subtract 2. Pat seemed engaged and enjoying himself although there seemed to be more parts focused on him from the night before. He had a hauntingly beautiful piano section in Loneliness (?) and the banjo in Box (?) I want to say. We Were Lucky blew me away both nights and Company (or Handshake) was probably the best I've ever seen with them extending the ending with dissonance reminiscent of Less Than. It's nice to see several other songs working their way into the mix, but definitely think some of the lesser-played tunes from Schmilco would compliment the aesthetic they are trying to achieve with this show. Overall, the two nights complemented each other very nicely with the crowd bringing the party on Saturday night and Sunday being more reserved. The subdued audience led to more banter the second night even if the boys appreciated the rowdiness in Cincy.

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