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There are so many ways to be a father...the basic way, or step-fathering, or being the male who fills that role for a child, or even for a pet. You men out there who give selflessly in order to nurture another, today's your day.


I don't have the words to express how much you matter. For every child, or creature, that you love and nurture, you are massively countering the ugly in the world. You are protecting the ones you love in the best way possible, by telling them that they matter and they are loved. Just about everything good that ever came from humans came because the individual felt loved and valued.


So today, we tell YOU, dads, how deeply loved you are. It means everything that you support those you love. You are magnificent in the way you put your own needs behind those of your children.


So today, forget the damned lawn and that weird smell coming from the car engine. Sit down. Put your feet up if you can. Look around at the folks who are grateful for you. Barbeque, laugh, play. Even in a pandemic there's no barrier to the love.


Dads, we are so grateful for you. Have a day for just you and yours.

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