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Yet Another Insanely Talented Tweedy

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Susie Tweedy, I have lusted after your brilliant rage-crafted buttons since you first turned your hand to the art of the button. How perfect that these buttons arrived in today's (Nov.2) mail, in time to steel me for tomorrow's election! I am ready now. Bring it ON! I have a button for whatever ails us. See photo.


Think blue, everybody. Onward & upward.

PS - the stay-the-fuck-home one refers to the pandemic.

If you haven't voted, take all precautions but please, get out tomorrow and make your voice heard. We need each of you.


Isn't the Betsy DeVos one pretty?


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:yay Love the DeVos one. Reminds me of those decorative throw pillows you can buy with phrases like, "Eat a bag of dicks" written in big curly script. I'm also a big fan of the "Fuck Trump" kitten in the corner. :lol


*Edit: Does she sell these anywhere, or are they just for personal use/family/friends? I would definitely pay for some of those. And they'll still be relevant for a few months no matter what happens tomorrow. :P:crybaby

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Not sure if she is selling more, either thru Oona or otherwise. I'll ask.

I am currently wearing the one which reads, "Stop calling it the China virus you heinous monster" :P It's a bit astonishing how much I, a kind-hearted person, hate trump. But he's earned it.


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