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Sammy tests positive for Covid

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Just saw this note from Susan Miller Tweedy on the Shot in the Arm Facebook group.


"Hiiiiiiiii. Guys, there will probably be no Tweedy Shows next week. Unfortunately, Sammy has tested positive for Covid. He's feeling totally fine so far and hopefully will stay that way. The rest of us were advised to get tested on Wednesday, so that is what we are going to do. Since singing is one of the top ways to transmit Covid, there will be no shows. Oh.....hold on.....UPDATE.....we just discussed maybe doing a quarantined show where Jeff will sing from the basement with the phone on a tripod. Obviously, it won't win an EGOT without my brilliant commentary and award winning cinnamontoastography, but keep your eyes peeled for the possibility of a quarantine show or two. We shall see. Oy. ❤️"

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