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Happy New Year, Via Chicago!

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After the roughest year most of us have ever struggled to survive, it's hard to look ahead with real hopefulness. I know we all feel pretty beaten down. But a wise man once sang, "We can make it better", and of course he's right. In the end, "we" are all we've got. So I am going into 2021 looking for my own path to making it better. If we all do this in our own lives, maybe together we can create a critical mass of happiness and love that will build like a snowball rolling down a long snowy hillside.


I don't see a reason not to try. We can make it better!


Love to all of our members and of course to all of our Wilcos and Tweedys, who already go a long way toward making it better. 

Be brave, be safe, and work at finding joy right where you are. Happy 2021!:party

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